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Haunted Apartment (4)

Jaclyn, NJ, USA
October 2015

I lived in an apartment in Northern NJ for about 7 years. When we first moved into the apartment, the owner of the building told us that her father had built the building in the 1930s, so the place had been there for 70+ years. When we came to look at the apartment, the elderly woman who was living there had her bed in the living room, and the bedroom was being used for storage. This was odd to us and we couldn't figure out why. As we walked around the apartment we noticed that she had an unusual amount of pictures of The Virgin Mary plastered all over the place. Again, odd. But we just figured that she was an old woman and that was the reason.

The activity in the apartment started almost immediately. There was a closet in our foyer that always seemed to be the center of it all. The closet door would pop open on its own quite often, I initially thought it was just a faulty latch and thought nothing of it. But my cat had an unusual fascination with the closet. One day I was sitting in the living room watching television and the hall closet popped open as it often did. I went over and shut it, taking care to make sure that the latch had caught, as soon as I got back to the couch and sat down, the closet popped open again, but this time the door swung fully open. This continued to happen regularly for the seven years that I lived there.

A few days later I noticed another strange occurrence, I was cooking dinner and watching a show on TV. I had to walk down the hall between the kitchen and the living room to do so, walking past my bedroom. As I passed the bedroom door on my way too the living room, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a shadow kind of peaking around the corner that would disappear behind the wall as I turned to look in that direction. Around that same time, my cat started having episodes of chasing nothing around the bedroom and meowing into thin air. Again I wrote these experiences off to an active imagination and a crazy cat.

Then things started to become more obvious. One night I was in the bathroom washing my face for bed. I was leaning over the sink rinsing my face when I suddenly got the feeling that there was someone else in the room with me. The feeling was so overwhelming that I looked up from what I was doing to see the shower curtain had been lifted up above my head and was now returning to its original position. I ran from the bathroom scared for my life! Two minutes later I heard some shuffling and noises coming from the bathroom and a second later the hallway closet door popped open. This is when I started to believe that I had a ghost in my apartment!

A few months later I came home from work one night, and my boyfriend told me that there had been noises and whispers taunting him all night from the bathroom and that the hallway closet kept opening on its own. My boyfriend never believed my claims of what had happened to me in the bathroom and was convinced that the hallway closet simply had a faulty latch. But this night he had been particularly disturbed and also commented on seeing a strange shadow ducking behind the wall in our bedroom as he made his way past towards the kitchen. He was so disturbed by this that at one point he got up and ran from the apartment, claiming that something had whispered in his ear.

The final and scariest occurrence happened only a couple months before I moved out. I was once again cooking dinner and watching something on TV. At this point the odd shadow ducking behind the bedroom wall had become such a common occurrence that I didn't even really acknowledge it anymore. But this one particular trip to the kitchen scared the life out of me, as I was approaching the bedroom door I already had the feeling that I was going to see this mysterious shadow ducking behind the wall as usual. But when I got to the door I was stunned and horrified by what I saw. There, in the doorway, not sneaking around the corner at all, was a black shadow figure that was not transparent, but a black mass, basically the silhouette of a man, wearing a wide brimmed hat, standing in the doorway, only a foot or so from where I was, it was so close to me that I could feel its presence! It scared me to death! Shortly after this I moved out of the apartment, but before I did I spoke to my upstairs neighbor who had been living in the building for 50 years and she told me that a man had died in my apartment. I am convinced that this was the man that I saw standing in the doorway that night.

Jaclyn, NJ, USA
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