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Haunted Axe

Kelly A Clark, Indiana, USA
May 2006

In the house I lived in when I was young, we heated it with wood. So my Dad had to split firewood in the fall so we would have plenty of firewood for the winter.

We had a building out in our backyard where the firewood and the axe were kept. Our house also had a basement which my parents kept locked because they didn't want us kids playing down there because Mom kept all the canned goods for the winter, the winter fruit and potato's.

At the top of the stairs the door was blocked by my mom's wringer type washing machine that she always kept pushed up against the door. So there was no way any one could go in or out of the basement from the outside or inside without someone knowing it.

One day my Mom went down to get some vegetables for dinner and the axe was leaning just inside the back door, but the door was still locked. She asked all of us kids if we had put the axe there and of course we said no because the door was locked from the inside and she would have seen us push the washer and open the door to take it down. So she took it out and put it in the wood shed where it was supposed to be. Well about a week later Mom went down to the basement for something out of the freezer and there lying on top of the freezer was the axe. The back door was still locked and no- one said they had taken it down there. Again she took it out to the wood shed and put it back where it belonged.

Not too long after that, Mom was again going down to the basement for something and when she got to the bottom of the stairs, there leaning against the stair railing was the axe, as if it was trying to come up the stairs, Mom was really scared she took it out to the wood shed and broke the head off of it and burned the handle. That ended it so where ever it was trying to get to that ended it right then and there.

That was the scariest thing that has ever happened to us, we don't know if it was trying to get up into the house and kill one or all of us but my Mom put a stop to it.

I had never before thought about an object being haunted but now I know that they can be.

Kelly A Clark, Indiana, USA
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