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Haunted By My Ex

QLD, Australia
January 2003

My ex husband Calvin, and I had been divorced for 10 years, in that time we had talked no more than 3 times. I had moved interstate and had a new life and a gorgeous baby daughter.

One Sunday afternoon I was lying on my bed reading a book when I had an overpowering feeling that my ex was in the room. To be specific it felt like he was hovering in the corner. I sort of thought that it was weird and kept trying to read my book but the feeling just got more powerful. I felt like he wanted me to say his name so I did, feeling pretty stupid. I jokingly said "Does this mean your dead then?" The feeling vanished and I later talked to my mum and told her what happened, I thought maybe I should ring him up or his family but I no longer had their numbers.

Tuesday evening I got a phone call from my ex mother in law, she told me that Calvin had died in a parachuting accident on Sunday afternoon. I couldn't believe it, now I totally believe in ghosts or life after death even though I didn't actually see anything!

QLD, Australia
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