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Haunted Doorm Room

Tracy, Manila, Phillipines
September 2003

It happens to be that I don't believe in ghosts like my dad. Even though my mom and friends tries to scare me with those ghost stories that seem creepy for them. At times, my auntie gets to see and feel strange apparitions before. She sometimes gets to be so creepy!

Let me get to the story. So here it goes?

This incident only happened about 2 weeks ago. I'm Tracy and I'm a third year high school student studying here in the Philippines. Last August 26 - 27, 2003, our class went on an Annual Retreat in an old Retreat House. The boys' dormitory or sleeping quarters was just next to the girl's dormitory. Cubicles divided the girl's dormitory. Leslie and I stayed in room 219. It was about midnight when the last session ended. So carefully, we went upstairs to sleep.

I was at the last of the line, the lights were off and there was no one in sight when, my friend Lady told me that when she went upstairs this lunch to get her handkerchief from her dorm, she heard someone opening my dorm. So, she carefully went close to the door and sees for herself that my dorm opened by itself and heard footsteps walking away form it. After that, she freaked out and ran.

At first I didn't believe her and just tried to bug it off. But when we arrived, when everybody was already sleeping, even my dorm mate was sleeping that time. The mirror was hanging on the wall right in front of me. I was awake that time and finding myself hard to sleep. When I looked at my watch, it was exactly 2:55 a.m. after a few seconds while I was looking at the ceiling trying to count sheep's, I sensed that someone was looking or watching me. I hardly tried to look at the mirror in front of me. And that was the time when I got goose bumps allover my body. I saw a lady with a long black ebony hair wearing a nightgown with bloodstains on it. She was staring at me.

At first, I didn't mind it and just blinked my eyes try to get it off out of sight. After that, after a few seconds, she constantly vanished in the air. That was the first time I saw a ghost. And I froze like ice in my bed and found out that it was already 5:00 a.m. realizing that I've been staring at the ghost in our dorm for over 3 hours!

The day came when we have to leave the Retreat House to head back to school to go home. I told my friend about what I've just seen, and told me that, it was the same woman she saw going out of our room. After that, I've learned about the history of the Retreat House and learned that a teenager died in that very same room where we stayed. She was raped and killed by a janitor.

I hope that this incident would never happen again next year. Thank you for reading my story.

Tracy, Manila, Phillipines
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