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Haunted Hawaii

Yousei, Hawaii, USA
August 2007

I moved to Hawaii about 5 years ago from Boston Mass. My mother and I moved into an apartment in a neighborhood known as Punchbowl, known for "Night Marchers".

Whenever I would take a shower I would hear voices in the bathroom. I got a feeling that I wasn't alone. I wasn't the only one who heard it and felt it. My grandmother, who is a strong skeptic of anything paranormal or religious heard voices as well. For some reason I got it in my head that there was a little Hawaiian girl in the house. I told this to my mom and we both said we think she is from the time period of 1800s. Which was strange, we were both thinking the same thing.

A couple years later my mother had a friend over who lived in the neighborhood. My mom had mentioned the strange feelings we got from the bathroom and he said that an old friend of his had died in the tub before we moved in. My mom and I are used to strange occupancies like this so we were not surprised. But that didn't explain the girl.

My boyfriend was living with me at the time and did not know about any of this. He told me that one night he had awoken and saw a little girl staring at him with long brown hair hovering above the floor. But was too scared to wake me.

I still hear voices in the bathroom and every once in a while and feel like I am being watched by the little girl.

A few days ago I felt a hand on my hair while I was trying to sleep and more recently I felt a hand on my shoulder. I don't mind it so much anymore... I'm getting used to it actually, but it's still a bit creepy.

Yousei, Hawaii, USA
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