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Haunted Hotel (1)

Sharon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January 2008

I was on tour with my family in China in 2002. We were staying in one of the hotels there and during our one night stay, we did experience some paranormal things, especially my elder brother.

He wanted to go to the washroom while waiting to be checked in. So he managed to find one washroom which is located in basement of the hotel. The basement is quite eerie and dark according to him. He went alone. So while he was doing his business in there he heard the the door of the washroom open. He thought maybe another guest came in to use the washroom too. He was in the cubicle actually. He got up and went to check who was there. As far as he know he is alone in the washroom all along. So he went to check and found no one using the washroom, he was alone so he thought maybe it could be the wind or something. As he was about to leave suddenly the washroom door closes by itself. Before that it was open by it's own. He was so freaked out, he quickly opened the door and dashed out. He did not turn back to look. He knew it could not be the wind as that area was a basement had no windows at all along the corridor.

The 2nd incident in the hotel room of the same hotel was after we checked in.

Somewhere in the middle of the night around 2-3am my whole family and I, including my brother that rushed out from the washroom earlier on, heard someone knocking on the door. We thought it was the hotel staff doing the security round. Then later on we heard the same knock again on the door so we asked who was it? There was no reply and one of us went to the door to check and found no one there but heard some heavy breathing.

Luckily the whole tour group checked out the next morning. Even some tour members in our group also had experienced the same things the night before.

I have stayed in this hotel twice. The first time only my parents and I stayed together with a tour group. According to some of the tour members the hotel was very old. Even the elevators don't function sometimes.

Sharon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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