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Haunted House (5)

Rachel, Hawaii, USA
February 2003

My house has always had strange happenings occurr inside it.I am going to tell you just some of these happenings. They can't have been tricks of light or hallucinations because my Mom, sister and friend saw them too.

Doors used to open after they had been locked and bolted for the night. Lights would turn on,the room would go from hot to freezing. We would all get goose bumps at the same time for no apparent reason.

First I'm going to tell you about one of the weirdest ones. We have never quite sussed this one out. Ok, here goes, one day we were sat in the front room, and a bubble appeared in mid air. It came from by the fireplace. My sister and mom sat watching. Then it floated into the kitchen and hovered in front of the refrigerator. My sister followed it and found that it had disappeared.

The next one happened a few months afterwards. We went downstairs to watch TV early in the morning. I went to pick up the mail, and noticed something strange about the wall. There was a few red patches, like wine or something. I scrubbed it off. Later when I told my mom, she told me that it had also happened a few nights ago. I asked her how she'd managed to spill red wine on the walls. She said she hadn't. She told me it was actually blood. I didn't understand this so I asked her how she knew and she told me that a man had died in our house before she bought it, and he had been murdered right on that very spot. I didn't believe her.

One of the most recent experiences was after my aunt died. My aunts daughter was in the front room with my mom. They were talking together. Just then I came down the stairs and heard my mom say "No one likes you Clo." I stood at the bottom of the stairs and watched the door fly open for no reason. It was red hot outside and there was no wind. My mom was scared and said quickly to her niece "Maybe they do then." My cousin nodded and said "Mom?" That one was probably the scariest. The next one wasn't so sinister. We all got goose bumps at the same time when the room was hot. We laughed it off though, thinking nothing.

As you can see, lots of weird things happen in my house. I'm sorry it was so long but it could have been longer if I told you all our experiences. I can't prove that this happened but I will forever remember them. You might think I'm a fraud but I'm most certainly not. I swear on my life it was true and my mom, sister and cousin and I will know that it was for real.

Rachel, Hawaii, USA
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