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Haunted Ouija

Allie, Ohio, USA
April 1998

Please, before you read my story, you must must believe that this is true!

My best friend and I were playing with my Ouija board and we were asking it if my eyes would turn red. We were asking it very stupid stupid questions. We almost peed are pants when it said,"NOW". We started to crack up when it told us yes. then I started to feel dizzy and I was singing and my friend started to scream at me and I asked her what was wrong. Only when I tried to ask what was wrong nothing came out! I tried to scream. I bent over, picked up my Ouija board and threw it so that it broke in 2 pieces. I took an old piece of paper since I could not talk and told her to run as fast as she could and grab my parents outside (that is what I wrote on the paper). I was grabbing my neck trying to spit out something. My mom saw me, she went back in the house and grabbed the cordless phone. She told me she dialed 911 and she told them that something was happening. They were here within 2min. They put me on a stretcher and put a breathing mask on me. Finally some words came out and they left and they let me keep the breathing mask. I still had it on. Then my parents went back inside (again, this story is so true). My friend was still there in shock. She told me that before I could not talk, my eyes were red. My family invited my friend to spend the night because they told me I needed her in case anything else happened. After we all ate dinner, we went down to the backyard and burned my Ouija board and nothing has ever happened since then (please remember that this story is nothing but true true true true true!)

Allie, Ohio, USA
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