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Haunted Stairs

Maryland, USA
January 2000

In 1994 my daughter met a young man and started dating him on a regular bases. She met his whole family and became quite fond of them.

This young man's father was very sick all of the time and unknown to the rest of the family, was in fact dying. In his months of being sick he chose to sleep on the sofa downstairs in the living room. He was just to weak to climb the stairs to the bedroom...his poor wife slept alone for months.

While the family was getting ready for bed one night, the father asked his wife to help him up the stairs. He wanted to be close to his wife and kids for some strange reason. The man's daughter and wife helped him up the stairs to the master bedroom and helped him into bed.

In the middle of the night the woman felt movement as if her husband was getting out of bed and she asked him where he was going. He had to go to the bathroom, he said. She offered to help him and he declined. While he started out the door to the bathroom, she lay listening...just in case. She heard him fall and she jumped out of bed and ran to the hallway.

He had not made it any further than the bedroom door. As she sat on the floor with his head in her lap yelling for one of her kids to get out of bed and call for help...he died.

My daughter called and told me that her boyfriend's father had passed away and he was very upset. She asked me if I would take her to him, he lived with his parents at the time. I agreed to take her and made arrangements to pick her up.

I felt strange meeting this woman for the first time and didn't know if she would even want to have me there. After all who wants to met a total stranger the day after their spouse dies? I promised myself that I would not stay, that I would drop my daughter off and pick her up later.

My daughter insisted that I come in and at least pay my respects...I did.

Much to my surprise, I was hugged by this woman and offered coffee and a place at her kitchen table. She needed someone to talk to it seemed, so I stayed.

I didn't have much to say. I didn't know her husband and I had never walked in her shoes. After three cups of coffee and two hours later I asked if I could use her bathroom. She told me it was at the top of the stairs.

You can see the kitchen table from the bottom of the stairs and that is as far as I got. As I looked up the stairs ready to climb to the top I saw three men coming down with a body on a stretcher. One holding the head, one holding the foot and one man was holding the center and was coming down with his back against the wall.

I couldn't move!!! I simply could not move a muscle. My daughter could see me and asked me what was wrong. About that moment, this whole group passed right through me and I almost passed out from the cold.

My daughter got up and started coming toward me and I had gathered my senses and climbed the stairs. It was so cold in the hallway that I was shivering. And I noticed when I came out of the bathroom how cold the hallway was.

I stepped into each bedroom and then back into the hallway. I noticed each bedroom was very cozy warm, but the hallway was icy cold. Well, I went back down the stairs and I could hear a voice that seemed to come from inside of my head. It said,"Tell her I'm still here." Tell her!

When I got back to the kitchen, my daughter asked me what was wrong and I looked at this woman and asked her if it took three men to bring her husband down the stairs and did he die in the hallway. She explained it to me exactly as I had seen it from the bottom of the stairs!

I also asked her if her hallway was always cold like that and she didn't know what I was talking about. I was so embarrassed, I could have crawled under the table. She and my daughter went up stairs to see what I was talking about and came back shivering. They had felt it too.

I was so embarrassed about all of this, because she started asking me a lot of questions about the spirit world and such that I decided not to tell her what the voice told me to tell her.

As it turned out, we became good friends. But, I didn't tell her still.

About three weeks after her husband died she called me to come to her house. And I did. She met me at the back door and told me I had to tell her something, that I had to explain something to her and she let me into the kitchen.

As soon as I got into the house I felt like I was suffocating. The air was so heavy in that house and the room was icy cold. The kids had on sweaters in the middle of June! I had a dreadful feeling and just wanted to leave and in fact told her that I could not stay long. She sat down at the table and began to cry. I knew then that I had to tell her what the voice in my head said.

I moved next to her and took a hold of her cold hands and told her everything. I thought she would be mad at me, but she simply said,"That explains everything."

About that time we heard a noise like something was rolling down the stairs. Something heavy, like a bowling ball. The kids were in the kitchen with us. I asked her what the heck was that? She said,"I don't know, we can never find anything." About that time, the handle from one of the kitchen cabinets simply fell off of the cabinet door onto the counter and onto the floor. It was my turn..."what's going on?", I asked. She said the whole house was falling apart on its own. The toilet flushes by its self, the downstairs doors won't stay closed, things keep dropping from nowhere, things keep disappearing, things keep moving around, the T.V turns on by its self. I asked her if she had told any of her family and she said she had but they feel that she is stressed out and needed to rest and except her loss.

My friend lived in that house for over a year even with all the strange goings on. She did get married again and things got worse. So bad, in fact that they rented the house out and moved. There has been several families to live in that house since she moved out and everyone has complained about "things falling apart for no reason".

My friend has called me several times to tell me about covers being pulled onto the floor and the T.V. coming on by itself or changing channels be itself, the doors coming open be themselves. These are the complaints of her tenants.

To this day, I won't go into that house. The last people who rented that house complained of mice.....hundreds of them. My friend never had mice while she was living there. We feel like she is being punished by her dead husband for moving out....after all...he said he was still there.

Maryland, USA
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