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Haunting in Bear Creek

August 2009

I used to live in an old farm house in Bear Creek, PA. My parents bought the house when my older sister was about 2 years old.

As long as I can remember I felt and saw odd things in this house. I used to see shadows move in the bathroom (we lived far from any public road, so it could not have been a car or outside light), I saw a plant shake and move about with nothing or no one near it, and I would feel someone sitting on my bed when no one was there. Perhaps the scariest experience, however, was when I saw a green transparent blob floating in my room for hours late at night. It eventually settled on my window ledge, and I got up and put a t-shirt on the window to block the sight of this thing. When I woke up I thought it was a dream, perhaps, but I noticed the t-shirt was there.

Later on, my sister told me she had several experiences. She saw a hand coming up from under the bed one night, and she used to play with a little imaginary friend named Mary. I too used to play with someone named Mary, and my dad later told us this was the name of a girl who had passed from cancer in our house.

My dad said when I was a baby he heard me crying and went to get me, only to find the entire crib being shaken violently back and forth (clearly not something a baby could do). He said he also was watching TV one night and heard what sounded like the china cabinet being turned over. He ran downstairs, only to find nothing out of the ordinary and no broken glass.

We have since sold the house, but the new owner did call my dad to ask him if we ever had any ghost experiences. Turns out his son asked him to tell the man who comes at night to stop, he'd like to get some sleep.

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