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Haunting in Sheyboygan

Liz, Wisconsin, USA
February 2007

I'll begin with a layout of the house. It is a ranch, it has three bedrooms and one bathroom. Recently renovations have made the hallway open at one end of the hallway. The living room is off the end of the hallway or the opening. The front door opens through the living room. If you walk through the front door you will go straight into the kitchen, take a right and go down the hallway, or take a left and go into the living room. The stairs for the basement are in the kitchen. His laundry room is the only thing down there.

Now for the story.

Late into 2002 my uncle bought the house because his other house flooded out. He moved in within a week and nothing out of the normal came about. The paranormal activities came after he renovated his house (which was about three or four months after he bought the house). He is often home alone so he has only me as a witness. I am his goddaughter.

He was doing laundry one day and he heard footsteps in the newly made hallway. He thought is was me and called my name (I was at school at the time). When no one answered he went up the stairs and the phone rang. When he looked at the caller ID it said his home number (my uncle has one phone in the house). When he picked up he heard breathing but no one talked. I walked in the door a few good minutes after this phone call. When I came in I noticed my uncle was standing in front of the diner table and was staring at something. When he heard me he moved and what he was staring at came to a complete halt. If you use a paper plate you sometimes use a woven plate holder. Well one that was sitting on the table had just stopped its rapid spinning. My uncle told me it started after he got off the phone. He asked me if I had been home about ten minutes before, I of course had been on route home.

Well things like this continued to happen over about a three month span and then it stopped when I changed bedrooms. Since we moved in and had been working almost nonstop we finally had a chance to meet the little old lady next door. She was sweet until she got to city block history. She said that she was shocked that anyone had bought the house with its history. Supposedly a little girl was kept here after she was kidnapped. No one knew who she was when the guy that lived here brought her home. When the man was caught no one knew about the little girl and she died in her "cell" in the dining room of the house. The house wasn't even looked at and was bought by someone who was going to fix it up. They are the people who discovered the remains of the little girl. We believe that this is who is haunting our house.

Liz, Wisconsin, USA
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