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He Follows Me!

Jenni, Tennessee, USA
April 1998

First of all, I want you to know that I am not afraid of my ghost. As a matter of fact, the ghost has helped me out numerous times.

Let's begin at the beginning shall we?

In the summer of 1994, I was given a kitten. He was solid black and I knew he needed a good home (he was found in a box in the middle of a very busy street). I accepted the tiny black baby and named him Opus (Opie for short). After a few months I noticed that he was going blind. Now most cats who go blind become seditary and their eyes turn to a bluish grey muck. Opie was just the opposite. He was always prancing around on his tippie toes and his eyes were a bright pink color. Most people who saw him were shocked by his eyes but charmed by his personality.

In the summer of 1995, when Opie was a year old, he suffocated on a piece of plastic. When I found him, I went into hysterics. I ran outside in the rain and began walking around my apartment complex to calm down. The rain was not blinding me and there was plenty of light. I saw Opie just ahead of me. He ran and I followed. When we ran up a set of stairs, he disappeared. I went home thinking that Opie was in heaven and I was content.

There was a children's rocking chair in my living room that Opie loved. He used to pull the stuffed bunny out of the chair and sit there. When I came back into the house I put the bunny back in the chair for what I thought would be the last time.The funny thing was that the bunny now bowed its head (as if in mourning) instead of looking straight ahead. And to this day,I cannot get the bunny to sit up. Also, I began finding the bunny on the floor. It would be damp, just as if Opie had been "loving" on it in his slobbery kitty way. I now believe that my kitty's spirit is attached to that chair. One day, shortly after my then husband and I moved into a new apartment, he and I were out shopping. We returned home and I was in the kitchen putting things away when I heard David yell and slam his body against the door. He was terrified, and I thought someone had broken it to the apartment and was attacking him. In reality it seems that Opie had charged at him and scared him. The sightings then became more frequent. We would feel a cat jump on the bed when none was there. Opie's favorite teddy bear was often times damp and warm from his "love". My other cat, Rooh, played with an invisible playmate. Time went on and in January of 1997 I left David. I had left behind everything except for Rooh (my other cat) and some of my clothes. About 2 weeks later, David called me. He was begging me to take the rocking chair that we had dubbed the "Opie Chair." According to David, Opie was furious that he could not find me. David had things falling off of shelves and items mauled by a very angry kitty. Apparently, he was not happy that he had been abandoned. Since I went and got the chair, Opie has resided happily in my household. It is not uncommon to see a black cat in house or out of the window when I know one is not there. Even my three-year old daughter respects Opie and his chair (she loves it!) She tells us when she sees Rooh playing with Opie, and she loves to sleep with her "kitty ghost". You may or may not believe that I have a ghost with me. I am not willing to call it a haunting, for Opie is more like a companion angel to me and those around me. *^I^*

Jenni, Tennessee, USA
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