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Her Blue Eyes Went Black

Susan K, SD, USA
February 2010

This account happened between a 3-4 month period.

I had spent a long afternoon sorting through personal belongings at my storage shed and I returned home to discover to my dismay that I was locked out of the house, despite the fact that I had my house key in hand!

"How strange!" I thought as I tried the lock again and again. No luck! Here I was outside on a chilly winter's evening. As I tried the lock for the third time, it occurred to me that somehow the door knob lock had gotten turned. My first thought was unthinkable, so I brushed it aside. Had my room-mate done this on purpose? "Surely not!" I argued with the unthinkable thought, but as the hours ticked by, I wasn't so sure.. and then another thought entered my brain: "Someone does not want you inside this house!"

This thought was accompanied with a feeling of underlying dread, the kind of dread that no matter how hard you try to push it away, it still lingers. During the time of my repeated attempts to unlock the door, I had called my room-mate on her cellphone to alert her as to what had happened. Immediately she replied, "I didn't do it." Funny, I never said she did.

The conversation was brief and I assumed she was on her way back to town to help me get inside the house.. So in the meantime I tried the door knob lock once more. This time, the key slide right in and I was home free! Finally, warmth!

Now this is where my story gets more interesting. Later that night before sleep, I'm in bed with the lights off, when I found myself watching a ball of light travel up the bedroom wall. Up, up and up it went and when it reached the ceiling, it traversed towards my direction. (how neat! I thought to myself). While this was going on, to my left, I saw a pure white light circle our house and pass by my window. I can still see that beautiful light! I got a sense of peace and calm from it, but that soon ended and I saw nothing more of it.

I then turned my attention back to the ceiling when suddenly, the whole ceiling lit up as if from floodlights! I didn't have time to process this, for a dark shadow in the form of a huge bird appeared on the ceiling! It had a large beak and it faced the direction of my room-mate's bedroom. To this day, I am amazed that I was so calm about the whole thing. The next thing I knew the bird shadow morphed into a figure: a teeny tiny head on top of a shroud. I continued to watch fascinated, until one side of the figure started to flap, as in a bird's wing. This was when I let out a startled cry and the covers went over my head! Seconds or minutes passed, not sure, for when I peeked up at the ceiling again, all was now a normal night-time dark.

So what was this shadow being? I believe it was a dark force and it was telling me that it was planning on following my room-mate to her new home. It was showing me "who's boss". Oh and my room-mate? She showed up two hours later.

Before I end my account, I want to add that there have been other unexplainable events at this house: auditory footsteps and rappings, spooky music in the basement, loud scraping noises with shudders were heard while said room-mate and I were in the basement one evening.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I added things up: all the paranormal events were tied to my room-mate. What zipped it up for me was my room-mate herself. I had been teasing her about a client of ours, when my room-mate gave me a look of utter bewilderment - she acted like she had no idea who I was talking about! I couldn't understand it, surely she was pulling my leg? But then, I saw a lost look wash over her face and her blue eyes went black.

Susan K, SD, USA
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