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Hi Dan! (Grandpa's Stories)

May 2003

Acouple of years ago, I sat down on the front porch of my grandpa's house with, none other than, my grandpa, Dan F. Steele. I asked him to tell me a scary story. He told me that he had a couple and they were both true. Since then my grandpa has passed away so, in honor of him, I have posted the two stories that he told me on this site.

Story #1 (not the scariest one):

My grandpa's mom was only 9 when this happened to her so it was back somewhere around 1870. Any ways, to get home from school she had to pass through the woods. Her mom would always come to pick her up from school. One day, when they were coming home, they saw a strange lady on the side of the street. She was yelling and cussing at herself. A little while later she started climbing a tree. When she was at the top of the tree she yelled down, "I'm gonna get you two!" Then she started jumping and climbing from limb to limb, slowly repelling.

It scared them pretty bad so they ran all the way home. At home, they locked all of the doors and hid in a bedroom.

They slowly drifted off to sleep. When they awoke, my great grandmas mom took out her shotgun and decided to search the house. When she got down to the basement she found the window was open. In the middle of the basement floor there was a "nest" made out of their dirty clothes. The crazy lady had been sleeping there all night.

Story #2: My great grandmother was older when this happened to her.

She was out in the corn field shucking corn when she decided to take a break. The corn field she was in had a Y shaped path going through it and neighbours often passed along the paths for a quicker route. She was right in the middle of the path when suddenly she saw a figure moving towards her. When the figure got closer she reconised it. It was her brother, Dan. "Hi Dan!" She called out. He smiled at her and went on his way. She went back to the house and realised that she hadn't checked the mail for a week. On the bottom of the mail pile was a letter from a week ago. She opened it and read only the first line:

Dear Christina,
I am so sorry to tell you this but your brother Dan died a few days ago.

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