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Hide N Seek

February 2005

Hello to all those whom read tales on this website. I have been a very avid visitor to this website ever since a friend of mine told me about it. I simply love anything and everything that has to do with ghosts. I am 18 years of age, and my family has quite the spiritual sensitivity to spirits. I, myself am only starting to wake up to it. The two tales which I am to relate to you both happened to me, but were told to me by my girlfriend, whom I shall refer to as Lady V. Yes, these happened to me, but, I didn't realize it at the time.

Hide n' Seek

After moving in with my girlfriend 'unofficially', I had gotten the sense of a small child being in the apartment. About 5 or 6. Lady V has not sensed her, and she is quite receptive to spirits as well, so I suppose this little child spirit likes me quite a bit. Her name, which I had gotten a sense of, is Victoria. I have not physically seen her, but I have seen her in my mind's eye. She has cute little brunette ringlet hair, and wears a little dress and usually holds a stuffed toy of sorts. 'Cute', I thought.

Well, apparently one night when we were sleeping, Lady V got this feeling to wake up and look over at me. She did so, and according to her, I was looking straight at her before suddenly covering my face with my hands, then shut my eyes tightly and yanked the blankets up over my head and rolled over onto my side, my back facing her. Now this is what I remember:

"Tara? Are you okay? Are you playing hide and seek?" I rolled over slightly to look at her from over my shoulder, and sleepily replied, "I'm fine.." I found it quite odd that she asked if I was playing Hide and Seek, and to my definite knowledge, I know I hadn't been, so I simply said, "Nooo.....why?"
"No reason.."

I asked her about it in the morning, and have told you what she has told me. She had gotten the impression that it was a little six year old, so we assumed it was Victoria suddenly feeling playful.

Black Lightning

Lady V and I were relaxing on the couch, my head in her lap. She was trying to do this odd type of hypnosis that I am able to do. I'll explain it this way, so I don't sound like a complete looney.

What I do is I relax the person through their face, and once they are relaxed enough, I can ask them questions about what's going on in their subconscious. I've helped my former girlfriend find alternate personalities through this. With Lady V, I simply talked to her alternate, Annabelle.

So, here she was, doing this relaxation thing on me, and behind my eyes I suddenly got this vision of a small girl child with a horribly pale face and empty eye sockets rush towards me. I definitely knew this was NOT Victoria. So I shuddered and my eyes snapped open due to my fear, then I blinked.

According to Lady V, the entire of my eyes, the whites, irises and pupils, were all black until I had blinked. It had frightened her to no end. Next time I had seen my father, I asked him about this and he told me this: It's a family thing.. Apparently I was doing 'Black Lightning', which is my element. I was sort of.. slipping through time, as it were, or something along those lines.. He had done the exact same thing to my mother at one point and scared the living poo right out of her!

Well, that's all I have, so, I hope you enjoy it! :)

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