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Hill Road

Lauren, CO, USA
October 2003

This story takes place when I was around 13, I am 19 now, and thinking back, I get the shivers every time I think about the experience that took place so long ago. It happened to both me and my mom, however she got the worst of it.

Growing up in Hilliard, Ohio was nothing special really. I guess you could say that we were a fast growing little city, but I still think it wasn't. I grew up always knowing about ghosts and having my experiences with them, so any time I got the chance to do something that involved ghosts, I would go out and do it. Well my mom used to take us on this road when I was younger, it was on the way to my doctors place, and for some reason I just liked the road, it was a "feeling".

Ill call this road "Hill Road" simply because I cannot remember the real name, and because that was a defining feature of this road, it had many tall hills that were so fun to drive on. Anyway the road itself wasn't really long maybe a 5-10 minute drive, but the weird thing about it was that out of all the other streets that were parallel to it, this one was always "dark". There was an abundance of old trees that hung over the road, protecting it from any sunlight whatsoever. So any time you drove on it, it automatically would cast off an uneasy vibe. And the further you drove down the road, the darker it got. At the end there was a bridge with a statue in marble of a girl, or a young woman. You had to look down to see the statue, because all the way along the road there was probably a 15 foot drop off on either side, so the road itself was elevated above the surrounding houses. The statue was always so sad looking. I remember I would sometimes tell my mom. I would always ask her who's statue it was, because there were no houses around this part of the street. She would always tell me something and I would eventually forget about it. Little did I know she was just trying not to scare me.

One night when I was a little older I told my mom I wanted to drive down that road. It had been a few years since I had stopped going to that doctor and therefore the street was out of our way, but tonight she agreed. As we were driving down the road, all of a sudden it got really cold, we could see our breaths! As we were approaching the statue, I noticed it was gone. But then something caught my eye, it was white and glowing, just bouncing around violently behind the trees. I remember the feeling I got when I saw this, there was something unnatural about it, something different. I looked at my mom, apparently she had seen it too. She started saying," I cant believe it, its her!" I was startled at this, it was as if my mom was seeing an old friend or someone she hadn't seen in years, like she knew what this thing was!

My mom stopped and pulled over. She told me to stay in the car. I saw her get out, and go to the side of the street and disappear as she went down the drop off. I could still faintly see the glow rising up just above the road. In minutes my mom came back white as a ghost, she hopped in the car, turned on the ignition, and sped away, like a bat out of hell. she refused to tell me what happened until we were safely back in our own home.

When we returned my mom made some coffee and finally settled down enough to tell me. She told me that the road had been rumored to be haunted for some time now. That a teenage girl had jumped to her death off of the bridge where the statue once stood. She had been getting married outside of her house, when her fiance didn't show up, she assumed he had run off with another woman, so she ran to the bridge in a fit of sadness and plummeted, killing herself instantly. Or so the story says......Turns out her fiance had been held up somewhere, because of a storm or something. When he found out the news of her death, he resurrected the statue that once stood at the spot where she had once laid, lifeless, and broken. Now that the statue had been torn down, there had been a lot more sightings of her.

My mom claimed that when she went down to the glowing girl, that the girl had tried to attack her, saying something inaudible to human ears, and then tried to choke my mom, then she all of a sudden disappeared and everything was dark. My mom showed me her neck and sure enough there was hand prints on her neck and bruising in the shape of fingers. My mom also remembered what she looked like, her dress was tattered and torn,but clearly an old fashion wedding dress, her hair was partially up in a curly bun, but parts hung loosely, like she had been pulling her hair out, and her eyes, she said, were the saddest things she had ever seen. They were so full of hurt, and hate at the same time, it was overwhelming.

My mom never found out why they tore down her statue, nor has she seen her ever since, I'm sure the sightings continue to this day, she is still sad, still waiting for her fiance.

Lauren, CO, USA
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