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His Mother

September 2006

My friend Sharon, is a teacher in a primary school in west Dublin. She lived in the east of the county so she had quite a commute to work each day. During Christmas season last year the school held plays and concerts for the parents of the students to go to. This meant that Sharon wasn't leaving the school until after 10pm each evening and it was really starting to take it's toll on her.

A colleague offered her the spare room in his new house over the concert season as he lived nearby so it would be easier for her. She accepted gladly and arrived the first night to stay just after 10pm. As her workmate gave her a tour of the house she thought it odd that he didn't introduce her to the lady on the couch in the living room. Then as he was showing her to her room she noticed a picture of the same lady on the wall and asked who she was. He said it was his mother but she'd died 8 months ago. Sharon almost passed out but managed to recover enough not to mention she'd just seen her in the living room! She went straight to bed but kept the light on out of fear! She woke at around 3am to see his mother standing next to her bed staring at her. She blinked and pinched herself but the lady was still there. In fact, she stayed watching, terrified, until dawn.
The next day Sharon made and excuse and said thanks but I think I'll go home to my own bed tonight. Her colleague offered to drive in front of her and show her a short cut to the motorway. She drove on happy to be out of the house and waved her colleague off as she got on the motorway. As she looked in the rear view mirror she almost crashed. His mother was sitting in the back seat of her car!!! She somehow managed to get home and call her neighbour who claimed to be clairvoyant. The neighbour rushed straight over and immediately began communicating with the spirit. She asked her to pass a message on to her son (which was private) and thanked Sharon for being open minded enough to see her. Sharon passed the message on to her shocked colleague and has never seen a ghost since!
Thanks for reading my friend's story.

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