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Home Alone (3)

Anonymous, IL, USA
August 2015

I do strongly believe in the paranormal. I believe in life after death and this experience that I’ve had strengthens my belief. A few weeks ago I was home alone. My mother was gone to work and my sister was with my aunt at the time. I’d stayed home from school because I didn’t feel well that morning. A few hours after my mom left I was upstairs in my room using my computer and doing an assignment for my class.

While I was sitting in my room, I heard very loud noises from downstairs. It was like someone was downstairs moving things around or looking for something. At first, I thought it was my mom because she often comes home during her lunch break. However, when I checked the time, it wasn’t her lunch break yet. Then I thought it was my sister.

The day before this happened, my sister called and told me she would be stopping by to pick some things up and she told me that she had her house key with her so I had no reason to stay up waiting for her.

Anyway, the noises and movement continued downstairs before I heard someone come upstairs and open the door. I heard them moving some things around upstairs before they went back downstairs and closed the door behind them. After that point, the noises completely stopped.

I thought it was weird that my "sister" and come home and even come upstairs and hadn’t spoken to me, so I decided to go downstairs and check on her. When I walked downstairs, there was no one there. I checked around the basement and every room but didn’t see a person. I decided to call my sister and ask why she had come home and not said anything to me. When I called her, she said that she hadn’t been home because she was still working. I then called my mother and asked her if she had come home but she told me that she was also still working.

The only explanation I have of this is that it could be the ghost of the previous owners husband. When my family first moved in, the previous owner had told us about her husband. She told us many stories of how he always misplaced his items and could never find anything. She also told us how she came home one day and found him dead in the basement from a heart attack.

Anonymous, IL, USA
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