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Home Alone (5)

Sylvia, London, UK
April 2006

I live with my Grandad in Central London. He went on holiday and left me in the house alone for 2 weeks.

The house is over 200 years old, he has owned it since 1982. Nothing unusual has happened since he has been living there, until monday night.

I was just about to go to sleep. It was about 12am. The house is creaky as its old but what happened next was not a normal occurance and I know it wasn't my imagination, I thought it might have been at first but I soon found out it wasn't.

All the houses in The Mews are connected. As I was just dropping off, I heard a loud banging noise. I told myself it was just the neighbours and to stop making myself paranoid. I heard a man shouting, it sounded as if it was coming from the basement (the door to my basement is underneath my bedroom). It went quiet for a few minutes until I heard it again. This time it was much louder, it sounded like someone was kicking the basement door (which was locked). This went on for about 3 minutes.
I lay in my bed, too scared to move. I could hear the shouting again, I couldn't hear what was being said but I could tell that whoever was shouting was very angry. The banging started again, this time it shook the wall of my room. The windows and the wardrobe were shaking as if there was an earthquake or something similar. This went on for about 30 seconds. I then heard a woman's voice, it sounded like whimpering, as if she was pleading with someone. The wall that was shaking is directly above the basement door.

There is a locked door from the street that leads to the corridor where the basement door is (I don't even have a key for this). I knew that the banging was not coming from either of my neighbours as the part of the house that was shaking is not connected to my neighbours houses. After the shaking, I heard the kitchen door open (this is how you access the basement from the house) and something come up the stairs towards my bedroom. I was so scared, I couldn't even move. I heard them pacing outside my door, I lay there waiting to see someone open the door and walk through, but they didn't. I thought it was a burglar, I thought that when I wake up in the morning (at one point I didn't think that I would) I'm going find that the house has been robbed and the doors smashed to pieces.

After I heard about 10 minutes of silence, I heard the 'thing' go back downstairs and into the kitchen. I eventually got to sleep around 4am, I was very surprised that i even got to sleep at all but I had just finished a 14 hour shift at work.

I got up at 7am for work and was worried I was going to find that the house had been robbed (I wanted to wait till it was light just in case). I went into the kitchen, all the doors leading to the basement were still locked. I unlocked each one carefully expecting to find some sort of damage but there was nothing. This made me even more uneasy because I know I heard someone in my house that night.

My grandad returned home the next day. I told him about what had happened, I thought he was going to tell me to stop being stupid. He took me into the corridor where the basement door is and showed me a large crack in the wall above the basement door. He told me that the crack wasn't there before he went on holiday. I was so scared. it proves that I didn't imagine the banging and screaming and something must have caused the cracks in the wall. The surveyor came round yesterday and couldn't find the cause of the crack, he asked me if anybody had kicked or tried to force the door. I didn't tell him this story, in case he thought I was being stupid.

Last night (23/3/06) my grandad left me alone in the house again, the first time since Monday nights incident. I decided to sleep on the sofa bed in the front room. I was really tired so went to bed about 9pm. I was woken by a loud banging noise around 2.15am. I sat bolt upright in my bed and noticed a tall dark figure standing at the bottom of my bed. I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman and I couldn't see it's face. I sat there for about 30 seconds looking at it, trying to calm myself down and trying to adjust my eyes to see if I could see the figures face, until I heard a loud bang downstairs again, I turned around towards the stairs but there was nothing and when I turned back to face the figure, it was gone. I jumped out of bed and turned the light on. I put my clothes on, ran out of my house and got a cab to my boyfriends house. I told my grandad what happened today and also told him I'll be moving out from today.

Whatever is in that house, it doesn't like me. Well it must not, my grandad has lived there for 24 years and nothing like this has ever happened. I can't explain it and I don't ever ever want to experience anything like that ever again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sylvia, London, UK
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