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Hondo Creek Ranch

August 2003

My family used to own a ranch in the Texas Hill Country. The Bandera/Tarpley area to be exact. The ranch house was built in the early 1900's and had been kept in very good condition, undergoing a few remodels with each owner in order to update it.

When my parents bought it in the early '90's, the house had only had 4 owners before them. We loved going to the ranch on the weekends, and swimming in the lake, riding horses, etc. The house was relatively quiet for the first few months. Our first Christmas there, we realized we had another "roommate" staying with us.

The Christmas tree kept falling over, and the presents were always being re-arranged. Finally, we anchored the tree to the wall with fishing line, and put the presents away until it was time to open them. That seemed to work, since all was relatively quiet for a month or so after Christmas. Then, one day I was watching TV downstairs and heard what sounded like furniture being moved around upstairs. I went to check, and nothing had been moved. My first thought was that someone was playing a trick on me, of course. Then I realized it was only my dad and I at home, and he had been watching TV with me.

Hearing furniture being moved around, and having items like keys and shoes disappear from one room only to be found in another became a common occurrence. The ghost seemed friendly, so we just said "hello" every once in a while, and that was that.

One night however, I will never forget. I was laying in bed watching TV trying to go to sleep. All of a sudden, I was paralyzed and felt my arms being "tacked" up against the headboard, and someone/something trying to lay on me as if to attack me. Being Catholic, I started praying asking for help from St. Michael the Archangel and my grandfather who had always protected me. All of a sudden, I saw what seemed like a flash of light come from the wall. In what seemed like a millisecond, all was fine and I could tell I would be alright. The next day I told my parents what happened. I never spend the night there again, and they sold the ranch shortly afterwards.

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