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Hospital Spirits

Anonymous, IL, USA
June 2017

When you’re close to death do you believe you can see spirits? I was hospitalized because I tried to end my life. I have all these faint memories of going into the hospital. I was unconscious while I was brought there, and I can’t really figure out if these things are my imagination trying to fill the void of not knowing, or if I was having an out of body experience while half dead.

I have this "memory" of nurses rolling me to a room on one of those stretcher beds (if that is the correct term for it) and I was floating above my body? I couldn’t see anything in color. It was all black and white, foggy too. I felt like a pair of eyes. While "floating" i looked to my left and saw a very skinny "person" walking. But the legs were backwards. I can’t remember if they had a face or not. I only saw a glimpse of them because like i said my body was being taken to a hospital room, and I was "attached" to my body, I couldn’t wander freely. I remember thinking although that sighting was strange it didn’t terrify me.

All of my memories are scattered and its been 3 years since this all has happened to me. But I keep having memories pop up randomly. Just thought I’d share that.

Anonymous, IL, USA
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