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House For Ghosts - Not Humans

Queensland, Australia
April 2000

My wife and I had just bought a new house in the Tamborine Mountains. The house was old and needed repair so we built a make-shift flat at the back of the house to live in while we renovated.

We had been looking for a holiday house we could renovate in the area ever-since we visited the year before. We live in Brisbane so we commuted whenever we could and stayed in the flat while we worked on the house. It is a two storey wooden, colonial, American style house with four bedrooms dining room, lounge, sun room, study, kitchen and a large two-storey bay window topped with a steeple.

Our plans were to paint the house a sky blue. Apparently the old couple who lived there moved overseas and so left most of their things there. The house had been on the market for about six years and so was in pretty bad shape.

Once we had finished painting the outside and doing the lawns we started on the inside. My plan for the steeple room was to turn it into a small library using the many books we had found under the stairs the last holidays we were there. I bought some sandpaper and so took it up to the steeple room to start sanding down the old skirting boards. Soon I started hearing noises coming from the ceiling but because it was a windy day I took no notice of it. I kept working for about an hour then went downstairs for a coffee.

That night Maddy (My wife) went out for a protest meeting against lopping some of the local forest. I was tired so I stayed home. It was about nine o'clock and I was watching TV. I was cold so I went out to the car to grab my jumper. It was still windy outside and was now raining. As I walked out to the car the door of the flat slammed. I checked it but it was locked. I knew the doors to the house were unlocked so I decided to go up and do some more work. We had no electricity in the house so I quickly found the torch and went back up to the steeple room to finish my work. Soon the noises from the ceiling began but still I took no notice. But soon I could take it no longer so I pulled the ladder over to the far wall and climbed it and put my ear to the ceiling. I felt around for a loose beam or something but instead the whole ceiling fell. I had plaster all around me. When the dust settled, I shone my torch light up there. I froze. A wooden box lay on the forward beam and in it contained a full size human skeleton. I left them where they were and went down to the car and grabbed my phone. The police would have to come up from the Gold Coast, they'd be there in an hour. I waited outside in my car till Maddy came home. I didn't dare tell her what I found but told her everything would be alright when the police came. They took the bones to be examined. We spent the night at the local B & B. The bones turned out to be that of an African Negro that was used as a medical skeleton by a doctor who lived in the house.

The disturbances continued for the next month before we had finally finished the renovations. We sold the place and bought elsewhere in the area. We haven't heard anymore about the ghost.

Queensland, Australia
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