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House Next Door

August 2007

This is not a scary story. It is more of thought, that a curse may be in a house.

I have lived in my home for over 14 years. The house next door is like any other house on the block. When we moved in we were greeted by very good neighbors. After a few years living next to each other I was disappointed to find out that they were renting the house instead of buying it. They were a family of 5. Husband, wife, two daughters, and a son.
After living next to each other for 7 years, the wife left the family. So it was just the husband and kids.

After a few months he left too. The house was then put up for sale and was empty for two years. It was purchased by a young couple with 3 boys. They were young and nice. After about a year and half they split up too. I told my husband how odd it was that the people who live next door seem to split up and leave the house. They also left the house alone for at least a year and then let it go.

It was then purchased again, only to be put up for rent. I was talking to one of the neighbors about it and I was told before we moved in that the family before had also split up. I was also told by a young neighbor that she would see things as a child from the window of the house. She stated that she felt uncomfortable looking or passing by the house. She told me once that she looked towards the window and saw a shadow with a face grinning at her. She was with another friend when they both saw it. It had a noose around it's neck and she stated it had an evil grin. She said before that happened she used to go look into the house through the windows when it would be empty and she would see blood stains on the wall of the home. That was a chilling thought.

The homes in the neighborhood were built in the 1970's, of course before then it was just land and brush.
Who knows what happened on the land long, long, long ago. I know her not to lie she was actually getting a little scared repeating to me.

The family that is living there right now. Has been there for 3 months. I pray that all is well with them.

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