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House of Horror

Christie, Arizonia, USA
October 1999

It was Halloween and my cousin Sam and I got home from trick-or-treating before anyone else. We started watching a horror movie. It was at the best part of the movie when all the lights went out.

I found some flashlights and we went in the garage to find the fuse box. We almost got to the garage when we heard a voice saying " Come here Christie come here Sam! I've got a surprise for you!"

All of a sudden Sam started screaming. I turned around and saw that there were shadows moving around in the hallway. " Christie! That looks like a butcher knife!" yelled Sam.
Thats when we saw the glint of something that was definitely a knife. I remembered looking up the murder that was in my grandparents house at the library. A survivor said that she was going to check the fuse box when her psycho housekeeper jumped out at her with a butcher knife. She escaped but the housekeeper had killed the rest of her family. The date that this occurred was October 31st on a Friday. Unfortunately Sam remembered too. She started screaming. At that moment the dead housekeeper jumped out at us with a knife and just vanished. We ran all the way to my great grandparents house that was at least ten blocks away.

My grandparents have since moved out of that house, but the new buyers reported that on October 31, the same day the "psycho housekeeper" killed that family, someone jumped at them with a butcher knife and disappeared.

Christie, Arizonia, USA
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