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House of Spirits

Janette Dolan, TX, USA
October 2003

This story is long, but I feel like people would be interested. This is all completely true. It still sends chills down my spine sometimes.

Well, you know how people say that dogs can sense spirits? Well, this will prove it is true.

It all began one morning when my sister and I were home alone. I was in my room asleep and she was in the living room watching TV. All of a sudden my sister started hearing noises in the kitchen and my dog started growling. When she went in to check on it, some cabinets were opened and the knife drawer was opened. She closed all the doors and the knife drawer. She came in to check on me but I was still asleep. Figuring I was just playing a joke on her, she went and continued to watch TV. All of a sudden the noises started again. Mac (our dog) started going crazy again. When Melissa went into the kitchen, the cabinets were open and a knife was sitting on the counter that hadn't been there before. She then came to wake me up and told me what was going on. I didn't believe her so I just ignored it. All of a sudden we started hearing noises so we checked the kitchen. A bunch of cabinets were opened and when we were standing there, the fridge opened!!

Stuff kind of settled down for a while until about 6 months ago.

My brother was in bed when all of a sudden his dog started growling and barking. We thought she was attacking him so we went to check on him. When we entered his room she was growling at this blanket on the floor. When I went to move it, it was heavy as if someone was standing on it. When I finally did move it, Oreo (the dog) followed something to the bedroom window. She stopped and right when she did, we saw the curtains move like someone pushed them out of the way and then all was quiet. We then anointed the house inside and out. That night no one could sleep.

Wanna know why...all was absolutely quiet. Until that night, there were always footsteps and sounds of people in our house, but that night, you couldn't hear a sound!

Janette Dolan, TX, USA
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