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House of the Wolfenstein Doctor

Brian Swartz, Arizona, USA
February 2000

It all happened so long ago, yet it is still vivid in my mind. I'll repeat it as best I can.

Back in 1984, my father was in the Air Force and we were newly stationed on Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. Housing on base was very limited, so my father rented out the top of a townhouse in Wolfenstein, a town about half an hour from the Air Force base. It was owned by a German family that was very kind and whose ownership of the house went back four generations. The instant I entered that house I felt a presence. There were nights that I would lay in bed and see faces above my bed in the ceiling. I was about seven years old so I took my father's word that I was imagining things. I would see ghostly mists in the hallway and wonder what it was.

We eventually moved out after two years and never experienced anything of that nature again. I grew up and as I did I dismissed my experiences as childhood imagination. But, three years ago, my mom and I were reminiscing and the house came up in the conversation, and she mentioned that was the longest two years of her life. I asked why and she explained that it was haunted. I was shocked thinking all this time that it was my childhood imagination. She then recounted her most frightening experience in that house.

One night, my father was working a night shift and she was sleeping alone, when she felt a presence in the room. She opened her eyes to a woman in white standing over her looking at her. My mom froze with fear, and then watched the ghost proceed to walk toward the door and just vanish. Obviously, my mom didn't sleep for a week after that. My dad explained to me that the landlord's grandfather had been a doctor in that house and many times put up people in that house with serious illnesses and many times they died in that house. Could their spirits still haunt the house they passed away in?

Brian Swartz, Arizona, USA
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