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Hovering White Light

NSW, Australia
December 2001

A few years ago, I had two of my friends stay over and we were sleeping in the room at the end of my house. Jessica was sleeping on a long orange lounge above me and my friend Kirsty who were sleeping on an air bed on the floor. Jessica was in a deep sleep, and me and Kirsty were sitting up in the bed facing the window, which at the time didn't have any curtains. I remember I was watching a strange light fly toward us from the university, just up the road. I knew Kirsty was watching it too, and we both believed it was a helicopter. That is until it just dived straight behind the trees outside our house.

Kirsty and I looked at each other and we slipped under our blankets shaking with fear. After pulling ourselves together we peered outside and it was there once again, hovering over the Uni before it plummeted and dived through the trees and out toward the horizon.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened.

One Monday night I was sitting up in bed reading and I began to hear a little girl crying and calling out hysterically. At first I thought it was my neighbor, but as I looked through my window, it appeared that they were all asleep in bed because all the lights were off. I listened intently and I heard the little girl walk up my hallway, her weeping becoming more loudly as she walked past my door.

I was frozen solid as her voice chanted out something in some foreign language. To this day, I still feel some unnatural presence around me, and whenever I hear a plane or helicopter fly over, I make sure not to look outside.

NSW, Australia
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