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How Do I Free An Angry Spirit?

September 2003

My girlfriend and I moved into the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco about three months ago. This neighborhood is rich in history and is near the Mission de San Francisco, where San Francisco was founded in the 1800s by missionaries.

Let me just start that I have never seen a ghost before, but I have been interested in the unknown for a long time.

The street where we live has a string of houses that are all the same. It's hard to see this now because many of the owners have built garages or changed the facade of the buildings. All these houses were built in the late 1800s before the big quake of 1906 which destroyed much of the city.

Now let me describe the layout of our flat. Through the front door as you walk in there is a long hallway with doors to the right. The first opening is a front room which we use for entertaining, the second room is the TV room and off of the TV room there is a door. From the hallway you go straight into the kitchen and off of the kitchen is the bedroom and a small office in the back and another door which leads down stairs to a patio. Now back to the bathroom. It is the most peculiar thing ever. First off there are two doors which lead to the bathroom. One from the TV room and one from the hallway. To say the least it has very bad feng shui. Both these doors are next to each other. Then when you enter the bathroom, you have to immediately turn right, which brings you to a mini sink. Then you must turn immediately left, and on your left is a bathtub and next to the bathtub a vent. But that's not all. You continue down and turn right and there is a toilet. It's maze of a bathroom. So we thought there must be an explanation for this weird bathroom, since the rest of the house is so normal. A friend suggested that during the boom that the bedroom had a door and that they rented out each of the rooms so they could make more money. Well we've taken a look at the bedroom walls and there is no indication of any doors leading from the bedroom to the bathroom. Okay, now is where it gets interesting?.

There is only one window in the bathroom, which doesn't have a view. Below the window is a walkway about 8 feet down which goes from the front to the back of the house.

Across the window is the side of the neighbors' house. Whenever you walk into the bathroom it suddenly gets very cold and there is no draft. But if you leave the door open it is sure to close. Even with the window closed with no draft the door opens and closes all day. Mostly it closes after you enter the room, which used to freak me out, but I'm pretty much used to it now.

There are also two mirrors in this room, one over the sink and one on the other side of the room. If you look into one you can see into the other. Around near one of the mirrors and the bathtub is particularly creepy. It is always cold and a feeling comes over you. I don't know how to explain it except pure dread. I can be in a super happy mood, and when I go into the bathroom, I come out upset and troubled.

There is also a low crying noise, almost like a moaning or sob which is emitted from the vent next to the tub where it is extremely cold. At night it gets extremely loud and at times I swear its saying the name Crystal over and over. I've tried taping this vent shut, covering it up with duct tape and paper, but to no avail. I've called the landlord numerous times and he thinks I'm crazy. So last week I took apart the vent and saw that it led to a small crawlspace which I had never noticed before. The chill from this crawlspace was frigid. Mind you that in San Francisco it rarely gets too cold and is very mild. But when I opened this vent, I could see my breath and a sense of dread came over me. I could also see something down there, so I reached down and there was a small piece of paper that read "too young to die". This freaked me out so much I ran out of there and called the landlord and told him what I'd found and demanded an explanation.

Since the landlord lives upstairs I had him come down and look at the crawlspace. He finally confessed that he had known about the room, and when he had bought the house over thirty years ago, the former tenants were newlyweds. Soon after they were married the wife became pregnant. Around when the baby was supposed to be born, the wife was planning on leaving the husband with another man. It turns out the husband was abusive and would beat the pregnant wife. My landlord told me of occurrences in the house of intense fighting and loud noise when they would fight. Back then he explained people really didn't call the police and let people figure it out themselves.

So one night the husband discovered the wife's plan to leave him and he became so violent that he beat her unconscious and locked her in the crawlspace. Eventually he let her out, but the baby was lost, whose name was Crystal.

Now since I know this story, I've been having trouble sleeping and sometimes have nightmares about this occurrence. I swear I have demons in my dreams. My friend bought me a dreamcatcher and that seems to help a little, but I hate going into my peculiar shaped bathroom and hope that Crystal's mom is someday free.

Thanks for reading my story. Let me know if you've had any similar occurrences and how you helped them.

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