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Huddled Figure

Alysen, CA, USA
November 2011

My good friend, Faryn, just moved into a house in Spokane, Washington. She was text messaging me last night, 11-10-11, when she said to me, "Alysen! There's something in my room!!!"

Now at first I did not believe her, thinking it was just a prank she was pulling on me, but I was proven to be very wrong. I challenged her and told her to tell me what it looked like, it was a little dark figure huddled in the corner of her room. She also added that her cat was looking at the mysterious figure as well, and by that point I asked her to send me a photo of the "thing in the corner". She replied with a picture of a little black glowing figure, around a foot and a half tall, slumped over in the corner which was off to the side of her bed. It resembled to me to be a stuffed gorilla or a pair of black boots, but she said she owned neither object.

I asked for, once again, a photo, but this time a close-up of it. I got another photo, an enhanced image of the first one, it appeared to have a visible left ear. She picked up a piece of candy, and attempted to throw the candy at the thing. She did so, and then she frantically text messaged me saying "It vanished! It vanished!!" Then, she told me she had thrown the piece of candy, and right as it hit the huddled figure it let out a screech, like the one one hears when one drags their fingernails on a chalkboard, and disappeared, making the candy hit the wall in back of it.

After this occurrence, her cat, Baby, was staring out her open door, looking towards the direction of noises coming from the hallway. Let me note that she was home alone at the time of the occurrence.

Alysen, CA, USA
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