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Hurricane Ghost

Maia Kirby, UK, England
November 2000

The story actually takes place when I was ten years old in our old Victorian house.

It all started one Winter evening when I was in the sitting room on the sofa.Our sitting room looks out from a huge glass door to our wooden balcony.

I was doing something or other with my hands when the noise of a huge wind slammed against the glass door to make it rattle and knock. Without looking up I thought to myself: There must be a storm outside or a great wind. The noise persisted until I looked up...
There was a small wind - only enough to sway the trees a little in the garden, certainly not enough to rattle the glass door violently to and fro. SUDDENLY I saw a dark cloud of grey just like a small hurricane you sometimes see on T.V it was slamming itself against the glass door. I was terrified and so I dived behind the sofa (I was only ten!) and crouched curled up staring at this shape slamming itself against the glass door. It had bits of grass and turf binded up inside it as if it had been tied up with an invisible rope. Then I noticed the eyes, the deep blood eyes, was I imaging it?, no, they were so real I could hear the thudding of my heart.

Almost as suddenly as it had come it vanished and with it the rattling of the glass door.

Now I still make sure I am never alone whilst sitting there with the darkness and that uncomfortable silence.

Maia Kirby, UK, England
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