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I Brought It Home

Lauren, CO, USA
October 2009

Hello everyone, this is my experience with what can happen if you are actively interested in the paranormal but aren't protecting yourself from it. That having been said, here it goes.

It was a couple years back, when ghost hunting was starting to come into the lime light. I had been watching shows like Ghost Huntersand Most Hauntedand I had had my own paranormal experiences as a child that had left me confused and scared, and figured maybe trying ghost hunting would help me confront those fears. I began asking my friends about it and we decided to visit a local graveyard that, as far as we knew, had no visible trespassing signs, therefore making it appear to us that at least if we didn't encounter a ghost, we wouldn't encounter any law enforcement either. After all nobody wants to trespass right?

Anyway we went in and it was actually a good investigation. All we had with us at the time were digital voice recorders and digital cameras. Of course being outside we got "orbs" but the digital recorders picked up quite a few unexplained voices.

Going over the recordings really got our adrenaline going, knowing that someone or something was out there with us that night that none of us could see or hear with our own ears. From that point on we were hooked.

A couple months and a few more disappointing cemetery visits later, we decided to go back to the original cemetery, the one we first went to. By this time I had gotten my boyfriend into it, so we rallied the team and headed out. It was a cold, late winter night.

The cemetery had this eerie glow to it because of the moon reflecting off the fallen snow. We set up our equipment and stayed as long as we could with how cold it was, which was probably only about an hour. We drove home and decided to wait until the next day, since it was late, to go over our pictures and recordings.

The next day my boyfriend had to work, leaving me and our dog at the house by ourselves the whole day (he was in sales so his workdays were from 9 am to 11 pm). It was a dreary winter day, no sun, just gray clouds and the occasional snowfall. About 8 o'clock that night is when some weird things started happening.

I was sitting on our couch watching TV when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw someone standing in our kitchen. It was more of a dark shape that stood out against the lit background. I turned my head very quickly and as soon as I did it disappeared. But it wasn't as if I turned and it wasn't there, it was more like I turned and it shrunk in on itself very quickly, if that makes any sense. Upon seeing this I quickly jumped up off the couch and ran to the kitchen, thinking my boyfriend had come home early and was wearing his black coat and had ducked down behind the sink when I turned to him in a effort to scare me (it was working). Our kitchen was just to the right of the couch if you were sitting on it and it had the window cut out through the wall, so if you were standing at the sink in the kitchen you could look out through the "window" and see everyone in the living room. So I quickly turned the corner and no one was there. I reached for the pantry door thinking maybe he slipped in there, I opened it and... nothing.

So a little shaken up I returned to watching TV, thinking my eyes just needed to be checked. About a half hour later, plain as day, I saw a tabby cat run behind the TV. At this my dog got up and was barking like crazy....he thinks he's tough even though he's only 8 pounds.... and runs to the TV. We didn't have a cat, so this was also something that made me jump out of my seat and investigate. Sure enough, I looked behind the TV, no cat, however my dog kept barking at something. I actually had to put him in another room to get him to stop. After I did that I came back out to the living room and the TV was off. Needless to say I was REALLY scared now. So I tested my sanity, and started talking to thin air," is there anybody there? Who are you? What do you want?". The only response I received was the TV turning back on by itself.

Nothing else happened until my boyfriend got home from work. I told him about what happened and being a fanatic, he was bummed that he wasn't here to experience it. I assured him it wasn't a pleasant experience, and we decided to go to bed. Our bedroom was in the finished basement of the house, this was because we had a king sized bed and the house was an older house with smaller rooms, and the only place where it would fit was the basement. When you come downstairs it comes to a dead end and you have to turn left, and first thing you see is our bed, with our TV up against the wall where the stairs are. So as we lay there trying to fall asleep with the TV on, we both see something dark run down the stairs, I say run because it was very quick. Now we could see this, keep in mind our TV is along that same wall as the stairs, so we were facing that area, this was not out of the corner of our eyes! Immediately we sit up and look right at each other and ask, "Did you just see that?"

At that moment my boyfriend said he saw it run behind me and disappear. After this, there was not even a chance for sleep! We did what I should have done in the first place. We got out our ghost hunting equipment and began an investigation.

We set up everything quickly then started asking questions. It was around 3 in the morning when things started to happen again. Lights began to flicker, our dog was about to have a heart attacked it seemed because he was barking so much, doors were opening and closing, we got locked out in our garage, luckily we had a spare hidden in the garage. It was the strangest thing because nothing paranormal had ever happened to us in this house. By 6 in the morning everything had pretty much stopped. We finally slept and when we woke, we went over the recordings. We realized we hadn't listened to the ones from the cemetery visit yet, so we did those first.

Right off the bat there was a man's voice we heard, we couldn't really make out what it was saying, but it was distinctively different from anyone in our group. We were getting close to the end of the recording when one kept going. One of us must have forgotten to turn our recorder off when we were finished there and it went on recording our drive home. The same man's voice was on the recording during this time too, sounded almost like he was singing (unfortunately we saved the audio recordings to our computer and it crashed a few weeks after this so I don't have them anymore). When we got to the recording from the night before at our house, the same voice was there too, and we heard a cat! This time we could make out a "will you....." and then it garbled and nothing. We knew something had followed us home from the cemetery at this point.

I am kind of a free agent when it comes to which specific religion I am part of, and recently I had been researching Wicca. I found a banishing ritual and performed it in the house. I also told the spirit it needed to leave, that it wasn't welcome, and it needed to cross over, and nothing has happened since regarding the man.....I still think I see a cat every once in a while though.

After all this happened anytime we go out ghost hunting I always insist on a protection spell being done before we go in. This way nothing will be able to attach itself to us in the first place, and so far it must be working cause nothing has. So if you are thinking about being a ghost hunter or dabbling in the paranormal, protect yourself first, you'll be glad you did.

Lauren, CO, USA
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