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I Can See Them, I Can Hear Them

Glen, Indiana, USA
September 1998

All my life I have seen them, they talk to me sometimes, and I can feel their existence.....

It started at age 6, in an apartment on Azealia Drive....I had woken up in the middle of the night, and had to go to the bathroom, so I went and got a drink of water, and being the kid I was, I was sloshing it around in my mouth, then suddenly, I started choking...I was in the dark and could see nothing,but I heard this voice I didn't recognize. It howled and screamed, telling me to die...then suddenly the light popped on and my mother said "leave him alone"..and my pillowcase fell to my shoulders from around my neck...I cried, held my Mother in fear...all while standing in the hallway. A few months later, I saw her, a young lady standing in our living room, right in front of my stepfathers was as if she knew I was there...she turned and smiled wickedly at me...then vanished right before my eyes...

A year went by, and then one night, in a totally new house, I again saw a ghost...standing in my doorway to my room, it peered at me..just stood there, grey in form, with green glowing eyes,it said nothing..but remained in my doorway until the sun broke through my window the next morning...I never saw this apparition again, as my father being in the military, we got transferred a place that held several spirits..the Philippines.

We had been in the Philippines about 4 months, and it was late August, my Mother had been involved with the Summer Fun Program on the base, and she had arranged a summer trip to a little Island in the Middle of Subic Bay. Now the Islands history, had been Identical to Corrigedor, an Island that defended the Mouth of Manila Bay, and several World War 2 relics and gun emplacements still existed. We would be staying in the Hotel on the island, which during the war was the Islands Hospital. The first night, the spirits there made their presence known...first they moved coasters playfully along window ledges where the windows were sealed shut, then in the middle of the night many of us saw the image of a soldier standing with his rifle in the middle of a room...needless to say, many of us were scared, and we found after a week that everyone was ready to return to the mainland.

After that, only one other time in the Philippines did I see a ghost, it was walking down the street I lived on and I quickly jumped from my window into my bed. Since that time, I have seen them everywhere, I see their outlines, sometimes they tell me things, often they scream, or Moan, even giggle.....most would not believe me, until they see it, but yes..where I live now, every time I venture down a road in this little town, they talk, and I hear them.

Glen, Indiana, USA
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