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I Don't Think We're Alone

Anonymous, PA, USA
October 2015

My family and I moved into a mobile home in December 2009. The only background I have is that we bought it from an elderly woman who was moving because her husband had recently passed away. I have always been a very strong believer in the paranormal and all of my children are as well. My husband is not...well, he didn't used to believe.

Approximately 2 months after we moved in, my teenage sons, who shared a bedroom at the time, came to me saying they kept seeing flashing lights in their bedroom. I shrugged them off a few times but eventually I could see that they were serious and very concerned. So I went into their bedroom with them and sat. We had all the lights off, just as it was when they saw the lights. After a good 10 minutes, I'm thinking they are nuts when I saw it. On the closet door was a greenish colored flash of light. So quick it was like a camera flash. We decided to unplug everything, clocks, video game console and TV. There is nothing outside at all that would flash or even give off any light like that. We sat and waited and a few minutes later it happened again, but this time on the opposite wall. We never did find any reasonable explanation for this. They slept with the door open from then on.

Fast forward about a month I was out for the evening with all of the children except for my youngest son, who was a month old at the time. My husband stayed home with the baby. When I returned around 11pm my husband told me he had seen the flash. It was in the dining room. My husband doesn't believe and never had any interest at all in paranormal, so to hear him say that and see the concern on his face really surprised me.

Another incident not long after the "flashes" happened as I was looking for my glasses. I need them to see the television and looked all over the house. I was beginning to get frustrated and went into the dining room. With my baby in my left arm, I used my right hand to turn on the light switch. It's one of the light switches you just push on, and I was angry so I pretty much slammed my hand onto it to turn the lights on and that's exactly when I heard a loud whisper in my right ear that said "I know where they are."

I felt the hairs on my whole body stand up and then instantly turned and there was no one there. My 13 year old son was in the living room and he was staring blankly at the TV. I asked him if he said it or heard it and his answer was no. I couldn't tell if it was male or female but it was a very loud whisper as if he or she was right next to me. I dont even remember now where or when I found my glasses.

This next incident was just a few weeks ago. I have 2 cats. One is an older male and the other is a kitten, female. The kitten was in heat and meowing loudly. I had just gotten my baby asleep so I put the howling kitten into the hall bathroom so she wouldn't wake the baby. A short while later, I was standing at the kitchen counter, and you can see directly back the hallway from there. The old male cat was sitting at the end of the hall, watching the other cat walk past him and into my daughter's bedroom. I just stood here drinking coffee and watching and then I remembered the other cat was locked in the bathroom. I went back the hall and sure enough the kitten was still in the bathroom. I saw a cat walk into that bedroom. Even the older cat was watching it walk by. I looked in her bedroom but there was no cat.

A few other odd things have happened. My 13 year old son has seen someone walk down the hallway. Assuming it was his older brother he would go back to talk to him but no one is there. His brother wasn't even home at the time.

My daughter is 7 years old and sleeps in my bed nearly every night. I always assumed it was normal for her to do that, until my husband asked me a few days ago if I knew why she always slept with us. I said no. He said that his mother told him that our daughter had told her that she sees lights in her room at night and it scares her, so that's why she sleeps with us.

One more thing and I will stop. My son is now a year old but when he was a few months old, I'd be in my bedroom changing him and he would be smiling and cooing but several times he wasn't smiling and cooing at me. He would look just past me, over my shoulder and start to smile and coo. So much that sometimes I would look over my shoulder to see if my husband had come in the room. There was never anybody else there.

If there is indeed something strange going on here, I don't feel scared. "It" hasn't done anything to lead me to believe it is evil or harmful. I would like to have someone come in sometime and check it out though. It would be interesting to know who it is.

Anonymous, PA, USA
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