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I Heard A Voice Too

Kim Patterson, AZ, USA
December 2007

I had to submit this experience after reading "The Voice" from Jessy in Ontario Canada in September.

I too, heard a voice.

This happened about fifteen years ago when I lived in a haunted house in Oregon.

I was dozing on the couch in the living room with the TV down real low. It was daytime, but probably late afternoon.

I was laying on the couch about to fall asleep when the hair on the back of my neck stood up like someone just came in the room. You know that feeling when your eyes are closed and you "sense" someone there with you just waiting to scare you? Well that was the feeling I got only I was home alone.

I opened my eyes and it was only my cat, Chubby. He was staring at something behind me and his hair was all fuzzed out like he was really scared. I thought to myself, ok that is what I sensed and closed my eyes again. As soon as I closed my eyes a male voice yelled "HEY!" right in my ear. My eyes flew open to see the cat, his hair still fuzzed out, take off running so I knew he had heard it too. I ran out of the house and went to my friends house telling her she needed to spend the night. I did not tell her why, only that she HAD to. She willingly agreed and I slept soundly all night. When I awoke I rolled over to see her laying flat on her back staring wide eyed at the ceiling with Chubby on her chest. I said, "what is the matter with you?" She replied, "Something yelled in my ear last night and Chubby heard it too." I said, "oh really? Was it hey that it yelled?" She shot me a look that said I was in big trouble and replied, "ya, how did you know?" I said because it happened to me and that is why I wanted you to spend the night.

Now, so many years later, we still talk about that house and the odd occurrences and us. We seem to attract that kind of energy when we are together and have yet to find any explanation.

I would really like to chat with others who have heard the same "HEY!" in their ear.

That is soooo weird.

Kim Patterson, AZ, USA
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