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I Know He's Watching

Kimberly, OH, USA
May 2006

When I was 17 my father passed away. I took it extremely hard because we were so close, I was truly "Daddy's little girl".

At 22 my mother got remarried to a great guy, he reminded me so much of my father. We became pretty close, and at age 25 I got married. I asked my stepfather to walk me down the isle, though I really wished my real father was there to share my wonderful day. He agreed of course.

When the big day came it was very emotional for me. As I was in my room getting ready, I glanced in the mirror and saw my father. A sense of relief and happiness came over me because I knew he was there with me. I turned to look at him and nothing was there, though I knew he was watching. As my step father came into the room to walk me down he smiled and said "I know your father is watching you right now and I know he's as happy for you as I am". It was truly an amazing moment for me. I have been married for 2 years now, and on exactly June 7th I catch a brief glimpse of my father celebrating my Anniversary with me. I know I'm truly "Daddy's little girl".

Kimberly, OH, USA
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