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I Now Believe

Pennsylvania, USA
October 1999

Inever believed that ghosts existed until this.

One night last summer, my boyfriend, kids and I lived in a small house in a little town. Well we always heard that the house was haunted, which we never believed until our own experience.

It was about three in the morning and everyone including my three year old son were fast asleep. All of a sudden my boyfriend and I both jumped out of bed. I had heard a little boys voice come out of the corner of our room and it said "Hello". We checked on our son and he was fast asleep along with my one year old. So freaked out we managed to fall back asleep. After that night we started hearing what sounded like running upstairs when our kids were downstairs or even gone for the night. Soon after my three year old son started saying there was a monster in his room and would not under no circumstances (even if we laid with him) sleep in his bed. I asked him repeatedly to tell me where they were and what they looked like but nothing.

We have since moved out and never mentioned to him about the voice we had heard the night it all started. Two days ago, he (now four) mentioned the monster. I asked him about it and he described it as a thing that came out of his wall and had a mouth, eyes, and hands like him. He also said it was a little boy. I asked him if he talked to him and he said no. Then he said that the little boy did say "Hello" to him, then would scare him. He didn't say how he scared him. But I truly believe that what we heard and what he seen was real and that it was a spirit. I also believe that kids are more susceptible to seeing them.

Pennsylvania, USA
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