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I Thought Someone Was There

Joellyn, Wisconsin, USA
November 1999

Inever thought I would have an experience like the one I had, but I did.

I was lying in bed one night. I couldn't get to sleep as it always is in my house. I was just lying there when I heard the door from the kitchen open. The kitchen door connects to our living room and my bedroom is connected to the living room. I thought one of my parents were up so I decided to wait for them to sit on the couch and light a cigarette like they always do. I heard the door close and the shuffling sound of their feet as they walked towards the couch. Our touch lamp was turned on and a cigarette was lit. Since my bedroom door was closed, I could only see the light from the lamp, but I could hear everything. I heard the couch creek like it always does when my parents come down in the middle of the night an sit down. I thought the time was right for me to come out of the bedroom and talk to them. I opened the door and I was about to say "Hi" and to my surprise, no one was there. There was an odour of smoke in the room and the light was on and the kitchen door was closed. But that wasn't the scariest part. The scariest part was when I looked at the couch and it had an indent like someone was sitting on it, and the then indent lifted.

Needless to say, I closed my door, got under the covers and tried to get back to sleep.
That night, though, I didn't get much sleep.

Joellyn, Wisconsin, USA
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