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I Want You To Be My Friend

Renee, OH, USA
July 2001

I don't quite know if this is a ghostly story or not, but is scared me none the less, and makes me wonder about "the other side."

I had a dream one night that I was sweeping the streets of our local cemetery, and all of sudden I had this impulse to just RUN. So I was running down one of the streets of the cemetery when this little girl of about 8 or 10 years walked in front of me. I remember clearly what she was wearing-a whiteT-shirtt with pink sleeves and a pair of pink shorts. She had reddish hair and freckles, and she was somewhat thin and pale. I stopped and she said "My name is Anne and I want you to be my friend." With that she disappeared and I was left standing there, with this feeling (you know how you just know what happened in your dream, even though you can't figure out how you know?) that I had just seen a ghost. Then I somehow end up in this huge white marble building with gold everywhere, and two other little girls standing in front of me, these girls are slightly more dirty and ragged than Anne had been. One of the two girls then said to me "Anne says that before the night comes, there will be fall." Upon that I woke up.

Now the strange part is that one of my close friends "Andie" had a best friend when she was 10 (she is now 19) named "Sara." Sara lived in an abusive household, and often had to wear turtlenecks and jeans year-round to conceal her injuries. One summer night Sara was found hanging in her basement; her parents claimed she had killed herself. But Andie has never believed that, and still has bad memories of her friend's death. The strange part is, that the girl in my dream looked remarkably like Sara...but neither Andie, nor her mother can remember if Sara's middle name was "Anne"...

Both Andie and I have visited the cemetery where my dream was set, and we have scoured the area of where the girl appeared to me for tombstones bearing the name "Anne" but we have turned up nothing thus far.

Renee, OH, USA
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