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In My Driveway

Dee, NJ, USA
January 2004

This is a story that my mind somehow managed to push out.

I never thought I'd forget it at the time, but even the most bizarre things tend to get pushed out to make room for the more recent dramas of everyday life.

I want to start by saying that my house is very old. When my parents moved in (I was just a baby) it was so covered in ivy that you couldn't see the paint color. Trees surrounded the property but my mother had most of them cut down.

The previous owner had been a strange old widow. She'd been a bit of a hermit, from what I've heard. Her husband had died and she supposedly went nuts and locked herself in.

See, late this one night they had heard a noise in the driveway. The husband thought it was a raccoon, as they had a habit of messing around in the garage. He grabbed his gun and went out to the driveway. He heard it again and he shot the gun off. When he didn't come back for a while, his wife went out to look for him. He was face-down in the driveway. The "raccoon" had in fact been a burglar, trying to remove the window cover from the basement. The husband had shot the gun and when there was no sound, gone closer to inspect. When he'd realized that he'd shot a man, his bad heart gave out. He was dead by the time his poor wife found him.

After that, she stayed in mostly. When we moved into the house my mother found some very strange bottles with something old and rank in the basement. Who knew what the woman had been collecting. After all, they say she had gone mad.

The night that I heard this story I was about 8 or 9. An older woman had told me, after I asked if my house could be haunted. I was afraid of my own basement and driveway at night and I got "strange feelings" often, so I asked her about the house.

That very night I was unable to sleep. I truly thought my house was haunted. The story only served to scare the heck out of me and my young mind was reeling with terror when I suddenly heard a very distinct scream outside of my window, in the driveway, outside of the garage.

I kept my head under the covers until dawn. When the sun was well up, and the birds had been singing for quite some time, I summoned the courage to get my shoes on and go outside. As I walked up the rocky driveway my stomach turned. I don't know why I walked any closer. My feet seemed compelled to take me right up to it though...

There in the driveway was a orange dead cat. It's stomach had been gouged and it's entrails were dragged down the driveway as if it had tried to crawl towards the garage. Part of it's intestines were also hanging out of it's bottom. It's eyes were popped out all weird.

That's my story. Another time, much more recently, I heard a sound in the driveway very late and called the police. The screen was missing from my basement window but we never found it. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Dee, NJ, USA
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