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In The Blood?

Melissa, OR, USA
November 2001

I have two different experiences to submit. One is from my mom and one is from me. These experiences are not that scary and I believe them to be more of gifts. Please, I invite you to read and enjoy, and to be baffled or fascinated as I am.

My mother has had many experiences with the dead. All of which have been family members of whom she was very close. A few examples are that my Great Grandfather "delivered" my brother to her, and that all of us 3 children came to her before we were born. She has seen both of her Grandfathers since their deaths as well as her father. The experience of my mother's that I would like to share with you happened about 6 months ago.

This last August, it had been 2 years since my Grandpa had died. In the time since our family has, for lack of better word, gone to hell. The story starts as this... (it may be long but it is all relevant)

My Uncle Mike, who is almost 50 now, has always lived at home. He is the oldest, then comes my mother, my Uncle Ken, and Joe. [all names are changed] Ken had one child with his high school sweetheart and ex- wife, Kami. They divorced when my cousin Bethany was very young. Because of this the entire family catered to Bethany. They tried to give her what she was "missing" from not having 2 parents. Due to this, Bethany has turned out to be very spoiled, selfish an co-dependent. (Not to mention manipulative.)

Over the last few years, Bethany has alienated just about everyone in the family. Finally an event happened that was the last straw for the rest of the family (except my mom - for some reason she has never put up with Bethany's attitude and Bethany respects and continues to get along with her for it. She - my mom - is the only one)...

When my Grandfather died, Bethany moved in with my Grandma and uncle. No one will ever know the true story behind it, but Bethany and Mike got into a fight one day when my Grandma was gone. Bethany called the police and had Mike arrested for assault. She continued to press charges on him as well. It was a long and excruciating trial for the family to go thru. It ended up with everyone (except my mom) in a courthouse to testify on Mike's behalf.

A few weeks after the trial, my mom was getting ready to go to bed one evening and had a "dream" in which my Grandfather came to her. She said they were in a room and she saw my Grandmother sitting on a couch, he walked up to my Grandma and she looked at him confused and then ignored him as if she did not want to believe what she saw. So he came over to my mother. He had a sad look in his eyes and told her to help him. He said he could not rest until his family was at peace with each other.

This not being the first encounter my mom had had with my Grandfather, but the most emotional and disturbing, she was very shaken and confused. Not only did she send out a letter pleading for the family to come back together, she told my Grandma face to face what had happened.

Much to my mother's dismay, my Grandma has also seen and spoke with my Grandfather since he has been gone.

Now, onto my non-ghostly but somewhat psychic experiences...

My first 'psychic' experience was when I took my car to get fixed. Like most places, I kept getting the run around about when it would be ready. The Saturday it was in the shop, I had a dream that they painted it the wrong color - a hideous orange with a bed-liner type texture. I shook it off until the next morning when I awoke from another dream where they painted it white (it is a beige color). Well, no worries - everyone stresses over things like that right? No big deal until they called me the next day - Monday - when it was supposed to be ready - to tell me that they had painted it the wrong color and and to re-do it!

A few days later my friend was staying with us over night after a surgery. I was on my way home from lunch and suddenly had a vision that she had done the dishes. I blew it off and when I got home she was still asleep. I was free and clear - until my husband got home to a clean kitchen with all the dishes done!

The creepiest part was that when I told my mom and she passed my "psychic" experiences onto my dad. He got dead- serious and told her that his Grandmother used to have visions that came true on a regular basis.

Now, I don't know if this is a gift or if it is hereditary or what. I am sorry if it is not that scary, but it creeps me out that these occurrences have happened to so many people in my family!

Thank you so much for your time in reading this, I am glad I could share with someone.

Melissa, OR, USA
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