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In The Graveyard

Samantha Getty, New Zealand
March 2004

I was 16 at the time and my boyfriend and I were on our first date. He was walking me home when we decided to take a shortcut across a graveyard.

We stopped for a second on a grave and I finally got the courage to ask for a cuddle. He said "yes" and he gave me a hug. I screamed and jumped back from him, he thought he had done something until I started pointing behind him. He turned around and saw what I was pointing at, he gave a terrified cry and also jumped back.
"What is it!?" I screamed, "I don't know!" was his reply.
Then just as fast as it came, it was gone.

After a while my boyfriend said "wait, I think I know what that was, can you move please?" I moved to the right and he looked at the grave stone, "Thats my Grandmothers grave!" he said with a scared look on his face. "So, you think that was your Grandmother we saw?" I said worriedly, "Yeah, I do." he said looking at me. We thought for a moment then he stood up and put his hand out, we didn't say anything all the way home. When we got home we said goodbye and he left. I couldn't sleep that night.

From now on, on our dates, we never ever take short cuts across the graveyard, no matter what.

Samantha Getty, New Zealand
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