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In The Hotel

Reana March, AK, USA
June 2002

Recently my mother and I went on our first ghost hunt. We went to a haunted hotel in Bentonville Arkansas. Word has it that the hotel used to be a hospital, I dont exactly know what kind of hospital but I know it was a hospital.

Well when we got to the hospital it had a no trespassing sign on it but that didn't stop us. We both went in we set a courter of the hotel as our safe house. We started to keep records of the temperature, sounds, movements, how dark it got, and alot more.

Well we had been sitting in the safe house for about 5 hours until we decided it was time to go out to the main hall. The temperature began to get colder as we walked through the hotel. We heard sounds like doors closing and a couple of moans. Well being curious my mother and I followed the sounds. We got to a room and thats were the sounds got the loudest of course I was scared and I really didn't want to go in the room but I forced myself to. In the room it felt like winter without snow but just as cold. We heard the moans get louder and then I saw a white sort of mist and I started to get really dizzy. My mom kept record of the mist and what was happening to me. Then I blacked out and I didn't wake up until we were back at the safe house. There my mom told me that when I blacked out I fell on the ground and started to kick and moan. She had to stop and pick me up and take me back to the safe house.

There was something that happened when I passed out but it wasn't too clear. But I heard some of what was being said and I think it was the ghost that was trying to make contact with me. It said something like go or help or something.

We left first thing in the morning and I haven't told any one about what I heard until now. I just have to go back some time and see if I can talk to the ghost. But until then I will still be going over what happened and the records.

Reana March, AK, USA
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