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June 2003

Growing up weird occurrences that seemed to come from "the other side" always happened to me. However I did not pay much attention to them and just blamed missing keys, cold spots, objects moving, etc, on my resident ghost.

My mother and I were the only ones living in our two-story home when I was 13. She too joked around about our ghost. Since the experiences we had were never frightening neither of us were afraid of being home alone. I say this because I was frequently home alone. My mother worked night shift to make ends meat. She would kiss me good night and then be gone until after I left for school in the morning.

At this time my bedroom was on the first floor of the house. My dog always slept with me. He was very protective. I never feared intruders at night even though I was a little girl who was all alone. My dog kept me safe.

Every night I would wake up to use the bathroom around 2 am. The bathroom was catty-corner to my bedroom. So I would wake up, all sleepy eyed, and shuffle out of my room to go relieve myself. Of course one night was different, drastically different.

I was home alone [my mother was at work] and 2am rolled around. I woke up with a jolt. I was completely wide- awake. My first thought was "Damn, I'm going to be up all night now and be so tired tomorrow." So I got up and went for my nightly visit to the bathroom. When returning to my bedroom I noticed my dog was not there. However I was not alarmed. I figured he went to the kitchen for his food bowl or water. Crawling back into bed, still feeling wide- awake, I prepared myself for a night of boredom. I barely hit the pillow when I heard the sounds of feet walking down the stairs from the second floor. Does anyone remember the full body zip-up PJs with the socks on the bottom? Those little socks make the most distinct sound. And that is exactly what was coming down my staircase.

My heart stopped. I listened for my dog. If this was an intruder my dog would be going crazy. But something in my gut told me it was not a robber. I listened to the sound of those socks walk into my living room, heading straight for my bedroom. The only thing I could do was crawl under my covers and hold my breath. My suspicions were confirmed as soon as the "feet" entered my room. I was under several thick blankets but I could feel my room turn ice cold. Luckily I had just been to the bathroom or I would have urinated right there and then.

I have no idea how long this spirit was in my room. I never heard it leave. I remember the next sound was of heavy working boots tromping down the hallway. Then I heard a match being swiped across the wall in the hallway. Luckily the sound of the boots traveled into the living room, and not into my bedroom. I could hear our heavy wooden furniture being picked up and slammed hard back onto the wooden floor. Then the sound started. I have never heard anything like it in my 21yrs on this planet. It was a shrill cry and then garbled "words." I could not understand was the noise was trying to say, but god, I could hear it. Nothing, nothing compares to that sound.

At some point things quieted down. Somewhere along the way I fell asleep. When I woke up my entire body was in pain. I had been clenching all my muscles during the wee hours of the morning. My dog was back in my room at this point. Needless to say I high-tailed it outta there. Strange thing is, none of our furniture was moved. That night I preformed a "ritual" with sage to rid the house of any evil. After that I never heard from it again.

Looking back on the experience, I believe the spirit of an innocent came to my room to protect me from whatever evil lay in wait. I hope I never, NEVER have to experience anything like it again.

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