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Is Someone There? (2)

Charlie, UK
December 2004

My stories may not seem scary but they are quite freaky. Some of the stories did not only happen to me but also to my brother.

The first "appearance" happened when I was 9.

I was sleeping around at my friends house when I woke up in the middle of the night. I had the feeling that someone was watching me and when I opened my eyes I saw an old man floating in front me. He didn't scare me in any way. I felt calm around him. After I saw him I went back to sleep.

The next day I told my friend that I had seen an old man floating in front of me and she told me that she had seen the same old man floating in front of her, the only difference being that he was wearing a hat when my friend saw him.

The next story is when I was a little younger. It was just after Christmas and I was in my room playing with my new toys when I felt the room go cold and felt like there was something evil in the room so I hid under my bed. I waited there for what seemed like hours and was probably 5 minutes, waiting for the evil presence to go away when I felt really afraid. I can't explain it. I felt like it was coming after me slowly and teasing me, when I finally got the courage to run out of the room.

I told my friend this story and she told my mum that thought our house was haunted(which I did) and my mum laughed and said she'd know if the house was haunted and she brushed it of. But I didn't. I always felt that there was someone or something watching me and I still do.

A couple of years after seeing the old man I was getting a drink and was looking out of our kitchen window. Because it was dark I could see everything being me. When I looked up I saw an old women walk past. I wasn't bothered by this until I realised that my mum had no-one round. To check I looked in the bathroom (our bathroom is an extension on the kitchen) and no-one was there. My mum also brushed off this incident.

This incident involves my brother.

A few Sunday's ago my brother was walking up our stairs when he saw my mum's washing basket floating a few inches above the ground. As soon as he saw that he legged it to his room!

A few weeks after this happened I was sitting in the dining room eating my dinner by the radiator because I was cold. Our dining room is opposite the stairs so I can see who's coming down them. When I looked on the stairs I saw a white misty figure walking down the stairs. I couldn't see the figure clearly but I had the feeling that it was a little girl. The night after I saw the little girl walking down the stairs I had a dream where I was upset about something and took my friend to show her someone when the a little girl appeared and told me everything would be okay.

Recently I have been worried about exams and haven't been getting on well with my mum so I guess it makes sense.

I believe I have the gift to "feel" the spirits around me but not see them unless they choose to reveal themselves to me. I always feel like there is someone watching me in a certain part of my room(the corner) and that someone keeps hiding my things and pulling posters of my walls. It doesn't bother me but sometimes it can annoying so I tell them to stop and they do.....for a while.

Some of my friends don't believe me but think the events are true.

Thank you for reading!

Charlie, UK
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