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Is The T.V Man Real?

Florida, USA
May 2001

When our twins were about 3-1/2 or 4 years old we lived in a duplex in upstate New York. My husband and I were in bed watching TV one night. When we switched the TV off, a face appeared in the TV that was like a head. You could make out the head, the eyes, the ears, nose and mouth. We joked around about how the TV Man was watching us sleep at night.

The next night the same thing happened and it continued every night for about a week. We decided to leave the TV off and unplug it to see what would happen. Sure enough as we got into bed the face appeared in the TV again. Even though it had not been on all day! We didn't think much about it as we are very open to the idea that there are spirits in the world who watch and wander.

A few days after that, one of our daughters came running downstairs (as quickly as a child her age could run) and said the TV Man was coming down from the attic to get her. She was scared to death. The other twin was sitting at the bottom of the stairs and when she heard her sister yelling about the TV Man she acted as though she knew exactly who she was talking about. They sat at the bottom of the stairs and talked about how scary he was and described to each other what he looked like. We had never said anything to them, or in front of them, about the face in our TV as we did not want to spend the rest of their toddler days sitting up with them at night because they were afraid.

Shortly after that, the face disappeared from the TV and never returned. We never really talked about it after that, just assumed we had had a visitor that the girls had met also.

About two weeks ago, one of my daughters asked me if I had ever seen the "TV Man" and described to me the thing she and her sister had seen when they were younger. They are ten now. I asked her how she remembered something like that when she was so young and she casually replied that she had been thinking a lot about it lately. Who knows, maybe he's with us here in Florida, I guess we will find out.

Florida, USA
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