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It Follows Us

Clark Carroll, Louisiana, USA
June 2001

Hello everybody. I read a few stories and decided to share a few of my own. I hope this isn't too long.

I am a 44 year old guy with a beautiful wife a two super beautiful little girls. I'm a civil engineer and don't consider myself a kook or anything.

We have a spook or something that has been making its presence known for many years in three houses that we have lived in. I keep a journal of the odd occurrences on my computer for the heck of it. You tend to forget things that happen pretty fast, especially when there's been a lot of things going on over the years. In our case, the weird stuff happens off and on. We go for six to eight months where nothing happens, then for a couple of months, several things happen. Here's a few entries...

We used to live in Laplace, Louisiana. One night, my wife was in the garage getting something out of her car. I heard her scream bloody murder and come running into the house. She said she heard someone moan right into her ear. That was creepy.

In the middle of the night we would sometimes wake up to hear fast little legs come running into our room from the living room. It sounded like our little 3 y.o. girl but when we looked, no one would be there.

Several other times we would feel something bump our bed. It would wake you up and while you were laying there wondering what happened, it would bump again. Of course nothing was there (that you could see).

Several other things happened in this house such as closet doors being open when you knew they had been shut, and things disappearing for months then reappearing in plain sight.

We moved to a small town about 60 miles away into a newly built house and things started up again.

My wife would hear children talking in other parts of the house. This occurred after my daughter started school, so my wife was definitely alone in the house at the time. She would see shadows move around the house that could not be explained. When we had our second daughter, my wife would be up at all hours of the night breast feeding her. She would often hear people talking but never could understand what was being said.

One night while I was talking to my wife in the kitchen, the light suddenly went off. I looked to the back of the house and saw light on there so I knew the power hadn't gone off. That happen a lot since we live in a rural area. I checked the light switch and saw that the switch had been turned off. This was really weird. The switch was the kind that had to be all the way on or all the way off to work. This made my skin get goose pimply.

One night, I woke up to something knocking on the wall near my head. It sounded like someone's knuckles rapping the wall.

In October 1998, my wife came out of my little girls room with her hand over her mouth. I could tell she was upset. She said while changing my daughter's diaper on the changing table, my little girl started saying "rock, rock, rock". My wife saw my daughter looking past her to the other side of the room. She looked back and saw the rocking chair rocking back and forth. It stopped when my wife looked at it. This was surely scary.

I have many more stories but this is getting too long. I'll submit them next week. Thanks for reading and I can assure you, this stuff really happened.

Clark Carroll, Louisiana, USA
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