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It Makes Them Disappear

Jeremy Cape, Delaware, USA
September 2001

A few years ago, I came across a shelf that someone had thrown out on the sidewalk to be picked up as garbage. Nothing special - just a 4- foot high wooden shelf that had been painted green. Needing a shelf, I took it home.

Occasionally, things I set on the shelf will disappear, then reappear when you're not looking for the item any longer. Here are a couple of examples: (I live alone by the way)

I was going out to dinner with a friend and needed to iron a shirt. I keep the iron on the green shelf. I became really mad when I couldn't find the iron (I knew damn well I'd put the iron on the shelf, nonetheless, I tore the house apart looking for it). I even made a point to stare at the shelf for an extended period of time (wondering if it was really there but it just wasn't registering in my brain). Anyway, no iron. I wore a different shirt. This was a Thursday.

Saturday I was cleaning the house and walked past the shelf and stopped in my tracks - there was the iron exactly where I knew I'd put it.

The second story is a little freakier. My girlfriend had put her favorite pair of jeans on the shelf. We were getting ready to go to a movie and she wanted to wear these jeans. She became very frustrated that I insisted the jeans were on the shelf - they had vanished. We tore the house down looking for them. After the movie, we returned home. While in the bathroom, I could hear my girlfriend saying "I can't believe those jeans are gone." I peeked around the corner to once again make sure they were not there...and they weren't. Literally, 5 seconds later I heard my girlfriend gasp. The jeans had returned to the shelf!

Jeremy Cape, Delaware, USA
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