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It Still Stands

Jaimelee, MO, USA
February 2007

I moved into this house with my family back in the year 2000 when I was only 15 years old. Its your typical old style farmhouse and was in pretty good shape considering its way over 100 years old. It had an underground basement with stone walls and dark spare rooms...almost like what you'd expect to see in horror films.
The History to the house is pretty amazing. It was built during the civil war times, they used the downstairs as a funeral home and held services in the living room area. The basement was like the morgue where they kept the bodies. Later one of the rooms upstairs was used as a bar, and by the way it was built you can tell it once was.

I didn't really think much of all the history of the place, It was odd yes but I didn't feel threatened whatsoever.
The first thing I noticed was a cold spot on the bottom of the stairs. Every time I'd pass that spot the hair on the back of my neck would stand up and it felt like someone was watching you as you go up, I never asked my sister if she noticed but I'm sure she did.

In the downstairs there was always this constant presence that wouldn't go away. There's a huge window in the living room looking out into the front yard and porch. I remember one morning I was sitting on the couch (which was facing the window) and I saw 2 men dressed in overalls (looked like construction workers) walk past the porch and go up the stairs to the front door. I quickly jumped up and went to the door to greet them, I opened the door and no one was there. Not a trace of anyone.

Now the basement is another story....I think its the heart of the haunting or whatever is in that house. I never went down there alone if I could help it, when I did I would run like heck back up the stairs. The walls were made of stone and the ceiling was low except for this spare room which was completely pitch black. I never went all the way in it...its too scary for words.

I moved out of the house a year later but my parents were still there. I got a call from my mom at 1 in the morning, she was frantic. My dad was gone in another state on a trouble call (he works for the electric company) and my older sister had moved out as well, so it was just her and my 2 younger sisters home. She told me she woke up at 11:30ish because she kept hearing the sounds of dogs barking. My parents had one dog, Rocco and when my mom walked out of her room she found Rocco growling and scratching at the door leading down to the basement. The sound was coming from down there! My mom freaked...the only way anyone could get into the basement was if they came through the front door and went down because its locked from the outside. My mom is a freak about keeping doors locked so there was no way anyone could of gotten down there, NO WAY. She opened the door and the barking got louder, then she heard a voice go "shhhhh" someone was trying to hush the dogs barks. Rocco ran down the stairs barking like mad as soon as she opened the door, as soon as he got to the bottom my mom said he let out a cry and ran back up like a speeding bullet. He never did go down there again after that. My mom freaked out called the cops who arrived around midnight. They went down into the basement and checked out everything....NO one. No dogs, nothing. The storm doors were locked and bolted and my mom was there the whole time so no one could of snuck past. That story gave me chills.

A little while after that incident my parents decided to move back to California. One day me and my husband, Matt were there visiting. My parents went out really fast and we stayed at the house. I was upstairs on the computer and Matt was taking a nap in the living room. He woke up to the sound of scratching. He got up and tried to find the was coming from the other side of the basement door. The scratching turned to knocking then quickly to hard pounding like someone was trying to break the door down. He ran upstairs and asked if I heard that....strangely I didn't but by the look on his face I knew he wasn't lying.

The last incident occurred right before they were ready to leave for California.

I was visiting my mom on a weekday, it was just me and her. She was upstairs packing boxes and I ended up falling asleep on the couch. I woke up about an hour later and my mom was still upstairs packing, I could hear her moving around. I lay back down and dozed off for a few more minutes then I called out to her, I said, "mom?" and the noises paused for a second then continued. I figured she didn't hear me so I continued my snooze, the whole time I could still hear her packing boxes up there. I finally got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. As I was walking back to the living room I realized all was silent....I thought, "hmmm"...But at the moment I saw my moms car pull into the driveway! I got chills and ran outside to greet her. I asked, "where did you go so fast? I just heard you upstairs a few minutes ago". She gave me a puzzled look and told me she'd been gone for the last 2 hours!!! Boy was I creeped out by that, I know I heard someone up there.

A few weeks later they left the house for good...and I haven't stepped foot into it since.

Every now and then I still see it as I drive by. I cant believe its still standing sometimes. I also wonder what the people who live there now think of it!

Another weird thing is that sometimes I dream about the house....In the dreams I'm walking through it....and its empty and cold and I always feel afraid. I get chills when I think of it. I probably always will too!.

Jaimelee, MO, USA
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