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Its Only A Mouse

Emma McGuire, New York, USA
August 2006

It was during my first stay at away camp two years ago. I had already been there about a week. The camp was Foxcroft, just beyond Williamsburg in Virgina, USA.

Nothing strange had happened the first week except for some Senior campers trying to scare us by saying: "The water in my bathroom shower started to turn on by itself," or "I felt a cold hand touch my shoulder in the middle of the night." According to legend the ghost of one of the founders of the school, which was being used for the camp and was a house previously, went crazy and was locked in the attic by her husband. Only her butler and maid knew she was there and her husband had left her, tied to her bed with the maid and butler only going up to bring her food. Miss Patty* escaped her attic prison only to get shot in the head by her butler. After renovating her house to be made into a boarding school for girls was she found. She was later given a proper burial underneath a magnolia tree in the center of the dorms. The tree, is said to be cursed. If a body part brushes or touches the tree, that body part will become hurt.
I never believed it until my neck had brushed the tree and it started to hurt immediately.
The first apparition that I had actually seen was on the T. V. screen during the camp movie night. We had been watching Shrek when all of a sudden the lights in the Common Room went black and the T. V. suddenly turned off. As it turned off the face of a beautiful lady had appeared on the screen. The lady was Miss Patty*. I knew this because of the picture hanging in the dining hall. The junior campers had all been scared and had asked what happened. The Counselors had covered it up by saying "Its only a mouse." The T. V. had then turned on and the movie had started playing in the exact same spot. If a mouse had really chewed through the cable the T. V. would have not turned back on.
Note: *name has been changed
I still do not know if what I saw was real.

Emma McGuire, New York, USA
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