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Just A Few Little Experiences

Anonymous, KY, USA
May 2011

None of these were truly terrifying or even threatening, but it does send chills up my spine thinking I was in this situation at some point in time. Well I am 14 years old now, and I used to live in this other house before the one I am in now. This house was built by my dad, so it was less than 10 years old at the time, so I don't understand how these things happened. But everything happened around a certain age period I was probably 4 when the first thing happened.

Well I had my cousin over who was the same age as me, we had fallen asleep in my room, I had woken up in the middle of the night though, usually if I wake up in the middle of the night I adjust my blanket because normally it has fallen halfway off of me. So I sit up in my bed, and my bed is against the wall so there was a large space in the middle of my floor. Well in the middle of my floor there was a smaller circular table, sitting at the table were four women dressed in old fashioned clothing, their mouths were moving. But no sound was coming out? They also did not seem to notice me at all. I also noticed that the TV was off, and we had left it on when we fell asleep. But I was young of course so I just put my blanket over my head and fell back to sleep, and of course in the morning nothing was there.

At another occasion I was sleeping in my room by myself, and had woken up. I was under my blanket still at about the age of 4. I was trying to go back to sleep when I started hearing a man talking, he was yelling like he was selling something, then I also heard children playing and running on a hard surface. Obviously everyone else was asleep in my house so it couldn't of possibly been coming from them.

Well again that time I went back to sleep.

Another time I had fallen asleep on the floor by our couch in the living room, around maybe 1 in the morning I woke up, well from the living room you could see our stairs leading to the basement in the kitchen. Well on the wall there was a shadow of a person maybe only 4 feet tall walking up our stairs! Only a shadow, and no I was not seeing things because it was dark, because the kitchen light was on!

That time I had screamed for my parents, around the time they were running through the hall to the living room the shadow had ran back down the stairs! I will never forget that!

On another occasion I was about 8, I had fallen asleep on the couch. I woke up and 2 people were standing beside the couch looking down at me, and they looked just like my parents, and I called for them. But they ran almost faster than light back to my parents' bedroom, I called as loud as I could "MOM! DAD!" But nobody ever came back out there. I had fallen asleep that night and I was awoken later at about 6 am by my parents. They told me our new house we were building had caught fire, and we had to rush over to it. Kinda weird I don't know if those two things were linked but yeah.

One day I was about 10 me and my best friend were playing this game sorta like cops and robbers I guess. So I went down to the basement by myself to this tote to try to find toy guns for our game, when all of the sudden from the other room in the basement I heard a loud noise which sound like organ keys being pounded on, well we did have a little toy organ in that room, but nobody else was downstairs, and the organ toy was un-plugged!

This is kinda weird but back when I was 3 I used to sleep in my parents room, and one night when I woke up I looked at my parents door and a man-sized bunny was looking around walking on 2 feet! I woke my dad and he said he saw it, but the next morning my dad said he was just joking with me and he never had seen the bunny I was pointed at!

Sounds absolutely ridiculous but I do believe I had seen it.

My mom had also told me stories about how when she was in our play room in the basement which on one wall was lined with mirrors, she had seen a tall dark figure standing in the doorway from the mirror, she would then look at the doorway and nobody would be there!

Also when I was about 10 I used to take guitar lessons and I would go to my teachers house, which was an old cabin that was around during civil-war times! Well obviously old houses make a lot of noises, but one day while we were sitting in her kitchen at the table, we heard someone walking up the stairs which were blocked by a door in her kitchen and they leaded to the garage downstairs. Well she said her husband was probably home, and she looked out the window from the kitchen but nobody else was home?

This is creepy but once when I was at lake Cumberland with my cousin and our family and we were 4 we were swimming in the pool, and obviously being 4 years old we couldn't swim. Well I was wearing a life jacket but my cousin was not, and we were heading towards the deep end of the pool, well when we got close my grandfather (as I remember) was telling us not to walk any farther, about the time he stopped warning us my cousin went under water because she stepped to deep, obviously her mother jumped in and got her, and she was fine.

But when I retold the story jokingly to my mom at age 12, my mom says my grandpa was out fishing somewhere with my dad that day, and there was nobody in the pool with us!

This is the most recent and last story I have to tell you, it was just last year (2010) and it was my 13th birthday party in April. Well of course by now we had moved into our new house. We were playing across the street in the woods, well nothing strange had happened to me since I had been in my new house. Well we had gotten pretty deep in the woods and right when we reached this creek (which I never even had gotten to before) my friend shrieked and pointed by this tree, there was a dark figure running after us! So all of me and my friends ran as fast as we could back out of the woods, I had turned many times and the figure had disappeared. Well we had decided to just play on this gulf cart my grandpa was letting us borrow and drive back my side road and then back up to my house. But right when we were passing my barn on our way back (which had the woods behind it) the gulf cart slowed almost to a stopping, and we noticed white flags were tied all over the trees (even up to high where people could reach) Well when we got back to the house, I told my dad. He went over and there were no white flags! A few months later when my dad and his friend was in the woods hunting they ran into a few rocks, which were none other than 4 gravestones dated back to the civil war times! Obviously white flags were known to mean someone was surrendering if I remember correctly. I also came to know my dad discovered the gravestones by this tree near the creek, where the man had appeared? Ever since then I had never entered the woods.

Well those were all of my real-life stories from my lifetime thank you for reading and I hope they scared you as much as they scared me.

Anonymous, KY, USA
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